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Saturday Night: Gothic Shanghai's Annual Night Picnic

By Aug 9, 2013 Community
If you happen to be a spawn of darkness, a creature of the night or anything else of that ilk here is something for you to do tomorrow night (Aug 10). Gothic Shanghai is gathering for its annual night picnic.

They’ll be converging upon Xujiahui Park at the moment the blood-red sun loses the will to live and starts slowly sinking to its death in the western horizon, in other words, about 5.30pm. At that time, they’ll gather at the crossroads of the living and the dead, also known as “the park’s southwest entrance at Tianping and Zhaojiabang Lu”.

Participants are encouraged wear their whitest powder, their blackest lipstick and their tightest corsets. But be sure not to wear something too restricting, though. You don’t want to come in last place in their annual three-legged race, do you? Asriel and Misericordia are the team to beat this year. They’ve been lording it over everybody all year long like a couple of dicks.

If you want to eat, drink or put cigarettes out on your arm just to feel something, you'll have to bring all of that stuff yourself. You might want to bring a blanket, too. For more details. Click here.


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  • Hado

    There is a little mistake: Tomorow is August 10, not 8. Otherwise we would have to travel back in time... ;-)

    And just to make it clear: Wear whatever you want, as this is what Goths usually do.

    Plus: I have no idea what Mr Fischer had in his coffee today to dream about an annual three-legged race in corset and crinoline, but he sure has a fun day I guess... ;-)

  • Justin Fischer

    Thanks for pointing that out. I've fixed the error. My bad. I still think you should have a three-legged race, though.

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