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Whataburger (Not The American One) Opens, Geneva Closes, and Shake Shack (The American One) Is Incoming Years From Now

By Aug 25, 2017 Dining
Some burger news, some suckling pig, and some good stuff down in Found 158. Oh and a closing. Or possibly a relocation.


Now Open

In case you didn't catch, it Boteco and Mito are open. Both are excellent. You should check them out.

Quick word about Found 158? That place is perfectly all right. Homeslice and Pera are good. El Santo and Hooked are good, DEUS is good, Blackstone Magic Bar is good, Cafes Des Stagieres is good. It's just good. I'm just putting this here as my disclaimer for the next time I say something out loud like "Found 158 needs to be filled in and paved over, with a statue of a laowai vomiting into an ashtray raised over its remains."

Meanwhile, over at People's Square, Poke Lab opens up. They do poke bowls you can design yourself, as well as "sushi burritos."

Also, WhataBurger or possibly WHATA!! Burger have opened up. Which has absolutely nothing to do with the American brand Whataburger.

Now Closed

Abbey Road's sister bar Geneva closed down. Aww. But fret not! They're opening a new location like 10 minutes away from there real soon.

The Word Around Town

Big news! Shake Shack is coming to Shanghai. In 2019. Which is a really long way away. Shake Shack is based out of New York where it started as a street stall, back in 2004. It's known for doing really really good milkshakes. Also, crinkle cut french fries. They apparently used to use frozen, premade crinkle-cut fries, but a critical backlash made them move towards fresh-cut french fries in 2013. Which all their customers hated. So they reverted to those frozen pre-cut fries. This was a story about how people who write about food professionalyl don't know anything about anything.

Meanwhile, Fatburger and Carl's Jr. are already here, and so is The Milkshake Bar.

If you're jonesing for some Korean exposure, there's this Korean Style Party happening tonight at Favorita. You reserve your spot by scanning the QR code on the flyer. They're advertising "Seoul. Beer. Food," which, you know, can't really go wrong with any combination of those three.

In OTHER regional get-together news, Zetigeist's doing a German Beer Garden with a full-on suckling pig on a spit both days. Go check that out, if the weather permits.



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