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500rmb Sherpa's Voucher Winner: "I always come to Manhattans with my business colleagues - we always secure the business deal..."

By Apr 19, 2016 Dining
Readers, every Monday (ish) we give away 500rmb in Sherpa's delivery to whoever wrote our favorite restaurant review during the previous week. Well, last week we had a first EVER in SmartShanghai history. Someone (finally) wrote the very first review of one of Shanghai's oldest venues. A bar that's been there for like 20 years, starting on Tongren Lu then ending up on Nanyang Lu...

But before we get into that, here's what else people are talking about...


"I recommend Sichuan Citizen, but at the same time it is not necessarily the place you should absolutely run to. It is nice. The food is tasty, price is a little bit high but still reasonable (I usually end up paying less than 200 for two, but we don't drink) and the menu is fully translated into English, which is always a nice touch in Chinese restaurants. -- Joseem on Sichuan Citizen


"Since I am Austrian, friends prepared me to check out this Austrian-owned fusion restaurant. I have to say that I expected something really different. It was hip(ster) weirdness in the best positive way." -- valerievienna on Daliah


"I went there with some Italian friends and the atmosphere is nice, a guy was singing love Italian songs and the Pizza was great, but to start don't take salmone affumicato, around 80 yuan for 2 tiny spoons of salmon. Trust me!" -- Liachan on MammaMia


"What they should have done is find a larger location for the old Cantina Agave instead of trying to convert a mid-priced crowd into a high-priced crowd. This was really a dumb marketing move and I miss the old place." -- jonmyers on Tepito


"So Far West, you have a good start : your crepes (except your chocolate crepe that i’ll give a try when you will not pretend to fool me by writing “72% dark chocolate blabla” to explain its ridiculous price) and galettes (not La Complete at 100¥) are good. -- reviewer on FarWest


Finally, we have a review of Manhattan from crack_a_lackin'. Let's just throw the whole review in here.

"Oh man, where to start on a review of this excellent bar?!

I always come to Manhattans with my business colleagues - we always secure the business deal after a night here. I don't know what it is, but we always seems to be the centre of attention!

I'm a 53 year old single man, and I love coming to Manhattans. Now don't get me wrong, the food isn't great, but the takeaway is fantastic! It must be the great drinks. I know the Tsingdao is like 40RMB a bottle, but I always seem to find that people are interested in me buying them drinks. I am always able to get a decent take-away here.

Seriously, I don't know how hot I am (53 year old, overweight bald guy), but I always seem to pull a fit bird here - they don't speak much Chinese, but they understand my sign-language! Seriously guys, this place is for you. You don't need Yongkang after spending a night here. Plus some of the friends I meet at the bar love to spend the weekend with me!

Probably not suitable for families, but Dad might like it in the evening!"


The "takeaway", OoooOOoo, we see what you did there.

BUT, crack_a_lackin' is not the winner because he just won a few weeks ago. So instead, let's go with… valerievienna. Congrats. Check your email. Remember -- we do this every week. If you ate or drank somewhere, tell us about it.



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