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Daniel An's New Restaurant Is Called Atelier, RAC Bar Brings Back Far West, and The Grim Venue Reaper Looms

Jan 12, 2018 | 19:46 Fri
A Bunch of F&Bs: The weekly dose of what's new and hot in Shanghai's F&B scene.
Brrr, is that the cold, or the impending threat of closings? Couple of 'em confirmed, couple of 'em we're still confirming, skip inside to check it out. In sunnier news, we've spotted Daniel An's ambitious-looking Atelier by Tastebuds on Julu Lu, a few survivors of the Farine implosion have opened RAC Bar, there're some hoighty-toighty new ramen spots, and Bombay Bistro are joining the crew of the damned in the sunken city! Read on, you icicles!


Now Open

A few of the people behind Far West, of Farine, have set up a new creperie/wine bar called RAC Bar behind their street-front coffee stall. They're slinging a couple of throwbacks to the Far West menu, notably sweet/savory crepes and egg-related dishes, as well as a decent selection of wine.

In fancy, Michelin-tipped ramen news, we've got two ramen joints; Hokkaido-hailing Ramen Ichiryuan has opened in Shanghai Center, and Ramen Furano Tomikawa moving into that new MixC mall out at the end of line 10. Both of those are from very well-regarded locations back in Japan; if you're a ramen fiend, might be worth putting on your radar.

We also checked out Little Creatures, Stone Sal (not Stonesal), and Unagi Ryuu on this week's On The Radar. Check that out to see if you might catch us eating there again.


Now Closed

In online news, Mealbay has shuttered its doors with nary an explanation, but odds are good it had something to do with Sherpas. There's some speculation that the owner may have done a runner.

El Willy has closed its doors until Feb 6 for renovation. No quotation marks.

Project Wine shut down on Dec 21, but I only just noticed. They used to do pretty cheap, perfectly okay bottles of wine there. Too bad.

Pierogi Ladies have left their digs. Neighbor problems forced them to limit operations and then just forced them out. Seems to be the curse of that spot. It's what shut That One Place down before it. They've shacked up with Hotbox until they find somewhere to stay, and are doing full service there for now.

The Word Around Town

Scuttlebutt is that Sinan Mansion's Where Gastro Club, the one with the question mark somewhere in the middle of the name, is taking on new investors. That means possible rebranding on the horizon. Keep your eye on that spot roughly 45 degrees above street level.

OH.MY.BURGER say they're having some landlord issues, and their venue has been spotted up on rental sites. That's not a guarantee that it's going to close, and the concerns say they're working it out, but still. Ooooo, Grim Venue Reaper...

"I'm coming for you, Ramen Burger." - G. Reaper

In happier news. Hip Indian eatery Bombay Bistro is going into Found 158, after being one of the last to vacate Yongfu Lu. I'm pretty sure that completes the dining spectrum down there. The circle is closed. There's no reason to ever leave. You can't leave. Not anymore.

Finally, big news, Atelier by Tastebuds is the latest project from cocktail bossman Daniel An. That's going into More Than Eat, and it's a bit bananas. The interior's like a repurposed bomb shelter, with space for like 100 people and plenty of elbow room. Their kitchen, which will be doing "Western/fusion" cuisine, is surrounded on three sides by a long, U-shaped bar. They're in the process of cleaning it up, and Daniel said they'd be ready in a week but... y'know. "A week" means a lot of things to different people.


Either way, psyched for that, so far I'm liking this new direction More Than Eat's taking.

The Happening

Menus, Parties, Deals, Whatever

The Waldorf Astoria's doing a month dedicated to Monkey 47 Gin. Bunch of special cocktails available at The Long Bar featuring said spirit. So, if you're a fan of that stuff, I guess... go there?

It's Dodu's first anniversary! Excellent French rotisserie on Changshu Lu is turning one, and this weekend they're offering a glass of free mulled wine to anyone who dines in.

Finally, The Rooster's doing this thing where they take 5 kuai off the price of beer for every minus degree on the thermostat. So... what's the weather like this wee--


Oh. Best got down there tonight.


Check back next week for more irresponsible, wholly unsubstantiated F&B gossip.


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