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Pierre Gagnaire's Comptoir Looming, Tailor Bar is Officially Gone, and reViva Cantina

May 5, 2017 | 17:34 Fri
A Bunch of F&Bs: The weekly dose of what's new and hot in Shanghai's F&B scene.

Hey Shanghai. It's Cinco. You're probably already hammered, who the hell is reading this? So keeping it short; Tailor Bar is officially gone now. Cantina Agave officially puts the sign back up. That Comptoir Pierre Gagnaire thing in Capella is peeking its head over the horizon. Que Viva Shanghai, Carbonaras.


Now Open

Mr. DIY Beer Guy, Jackie opens another Nest.

Let's get the basics out of the way; Jackie's Beer Nest 2, Grill & Chill and Zeitgeist are all open, though the latter two need a bit of time. Some more than others. But hey, if you're interested in beer and comfort food of the Shanghainese, Turkish and/or German persuasion, check out what we thought about them here.

Cantina Agave is back. That is all, jalapenos.

Now Closed

Tailor Bar's going to be impossible to find now...

Secret-ish Jing'an vantage point and cocktail joint Tailor Bar has been shut down for good. It's been closed "temporarily" for a while, for "renovations," the season's favorite euphemism. Word is that the lease ran out and there was no way to renew it. They'll be back though, doing a pop-up in the near future and they're already working on a new secret location nearby. It'll be smaller and "more exclusive," keeping to that same speakeasy style.

The Word Around Town

For those about to rock... FIRE: Inferno's got a birthday on Saturday.

As the impending Red Town doomsday draws near, On Stage is already pulling up roots and planning to move into Found 158. We're probably not supposed to say that.

Light & Salt has some construction happening on that patch of land in front of their windows. But they seem to still be open. What could it be? Are they doing a summer renovation? Are they building the entrance to Shelter's new basement club? It could be anything! Mystery! Suspense!

We popped down to that fancy-looking hotel on Jianguo Xi Lu, Capella. It's coming along. They say early June. Which means Comptoir Pierre Gagnaire's coming real soon. Adjust your hypemeters accordingly.

Finally, Inferno's celebrating its 6th anniversary of general all-round Satan worship on Saturday. Here's to 660 more.


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