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A Dude Named 'Bruce Lee' Is Selling Fresh Beers Next to the Famous Wonton Shop That's About To Close

Aug 19, 2016 | 19:11 Fri
Shanghai's street food doesn't compare to that of cities like Xi'an or Hong Kong, but there are some spots worth seeking out. One of those is Er Guang Huntun, a.k.a. Slap You In The FACE Wontons, which is set to close any day now as this Luwan neighborhood south of Xintiandi gets updated. Our friend Jamie Barys from street food tour group Untour Shanghai tells us the shop has been bricked up two or three times in recent weeks, but they're still serving food outside until 2 or 3am. For now. And right next door to Er Guang is an eccentric fellow selling pitchers of fresh Qingdao draft and Qingdao black. Check it.

This is 'Bruce Lee'. He says he's from Qingdao, and he also cooks BBQ skewers in an oven that's almost as tall as he is. The big pitchers go for 50rmb, but he can do halfs for 25rmb. Prices seem negotiable, as we got two of these for 26rmb. Bruce Lee's to-go-cup game is incredibly strong.

If you're eating at Er Guang, you wanna rock the classic peanut sauce wontons and a pork chop with the Shanghai la jiang you sauce. That will cost you like 20rmb.

Even after this one closes, they've got some other shops around town, including one just around the block. Rumor is they have some investment and might turn the place into a serious chain. And if you're already down in this hood at Zhaozhou Lu and Hefei Lu, have a wander around. There's lots of characters lurking around here, and a much gritter vibe than even just a few blocks north...


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