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"A lot of places round here lack soul, this place doesn't": The 500rmb Sherpa's Winner

By Jun 7, 2016 Dining
Hey friends, here we are again, giving away 500rmb in Sherpa's cash to whoever wrote the finest restaurant review last week. Great to see some trusted old names back in the reviews game this week: No ratio Nelson talking about fried chicken; Calatrava talking about low expectations. Good times. Let's get into it.


"I also remember sweet mustard dips and trying to ask the manager about what his major was at "Chicken University" (yes he went there, they all did), and why he was laughing at me because I studied Ancient Greek. Your beer glasses are shit mate, laugh at that." -- No ratio Nelson on Kyochon Chicken


"Please, the good people of the Marriott I'm not here to talk about portion size or atmosphere, I know all the difficulties, but for f*ck's sake wake up in the morning, clean your shoes, straighten your tie, look your customers and yourself in the eye and at least do your best. I hate writing this down, but what do you want me to do? Its bad enough guiding your newbie laowai's elbows and their gaze away from the rest of the sh*t in this town without you making it so much harder for me." -- No ratio Nelson on Inagiku


"A lot of places round here lack soul, this place doesn't. Also, love the industrial size industrial poster advising how to handle industrial accidents in the loos.
A much much better alternative to places on the same street with crowds of youngsters wearing scarves drinking oversweet Interbev identikit fizz. Go now and get to tell your mates you knew him before he became a superstar."
-- No ratio Nelson on Pint House


"I am a fan of this place and will still go back cause it's a cool space, the tapas are great and it's a fun atmosphere. That being said however, dinner earlier this week was a massive letdown. The tapas were spot on as usual but we decided to try the mains for the first time as there was apparently a "new chef" with a new menu. We were extremely disappointed. -- Chahinsc on Cabra


"Visited again recently and the "terrace" was full of the type of French people who make it their singular mission to expose everybody to secondhand smoke, perhaps the proprietors and their friends. Waitstaff was very competent. Burger was okay. The ribs were god-awful." -- Calatrava on Tribeca


And the winner is…

Chahinsc. Love the reviews from the old heads, but we gotta show some love to new review writers too. Remember: We do this every week. If you ate or drank somewhere, tell us about it.

PS, what is up with Thai restaurants planting reviews? Stop that noise, ya' rascals. You know who you are.



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  • 4 years ago tamjock

    Just been to Table No 1 at the Waterfront hotel. What a disappointment! Mediocre service, staff in jeans and dirty plimsolls, mediocre food, cold poached eggs, cold pulled pork on soggy bread. Underwhelming location, the only restaurant i know where you avoid a window seat. The dining room is spartan to say the least to the point of grotty. The waiter said, 'how about the food?' I just opened my mouth to reply but he had turned on his heel and gone. Way overpriced and a bit 'up itself' why, I don't know.

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