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All the Outbacks Close Overnight

May 21, 2018 | 11:52 Mon
Yup! All of them. According to a notice posted in the window of one of the American-owned "Australian" franchise outfits Outback Steakhouse, all the venues have closed down effective immediately due to "strategic business adjustment." That includes the venues in Hangzhou and Suzhou. Copy of the announcement after the break.


The franchise, run by Xuanmei Food and Beverage Company, announced the closing on May 16, informing customers that if they still have cash vouchers, they can get them redeemed if they contact them before July 31, 2018.

Dear Customers,

Due to our strategic business adjustment, Xuanmei Food and Beverage (Shanghai) Co. Ltd., (franchisee of Outback Steakhouse in China), will unfortunately close the existing stores in Shanghai, Hangzhou and Suzhou effective immediately.

Thank you for your support to our restaurants during the past years! It has been our pleasure serving you for over five years.

If you still have the cash vouchers which were sold by our company and within the expiry date in the below picture, please contact us by before 24.00 July 31, 2018 and we will get back to you for the redeem issues.

Thank you for your understanding!

Best Regards,

Xuanmei Food and Beverage (Shanghai) Co., Ltd

- Posted May 16, 2018

This one the heels of a report in February that Bloomin' Brands, Outback's parent company, have been shutting down restaurants in the US as well.


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