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"Look at me, I got a fancy looking restaurant… it's so exotic" & The 500rmb Sherpa's Winner

By Mar 7, 2016 Dining
Back at it on this sunny grey Monday. Shout out to the porchetta at the Yang Jing Bang pop-up on Saturday. So nice. Read on for your stories about dining, some drama, and see who won that 500rmb in Sherpa's money we give away on Mondays.


"This is a great bar, it's like this is your own living room, or at least what you've always wanted it to be." -- thomask on Real Shanghai Cafe


"I didn't leave there raving, but I did leave there with a good meal in my stomach." -- mcchamberlain on Cabra.


Then we have some BEEF, about the new Luchador in Xintiandi…

According to Jackie_86, it's "Outrageously priced. I had their lunch "special" for SEVENTY (70) with 2 tiny tacos, no beans or rice. I guess the monologue happening inside of the manager's head goes like this: "Look at me, I got a fancy looking restaurant in XINTIANDI, and it's Mexican, it's so exotic~~~ I bet I can charge whatever I want and people will pay for it." NO!"

Then madscientist came in with a different opinion…

"After CFFC, I eagerly awaited the new EL. About 3 days after it opened, i went to El luchador for dinner, and it was a magical gastronomical experience, reminiscent of my CFFC dinner and more. The short rib tacos, the corn on the cob, the chips and guacamole- all fantastic. We even ordered desert which came out as the cutest arrangement of fruit/ chocolate cake (I won't spoil it). The mezcal on hand is some of the best in Shanghai. Smokey goodness…

Overall the staff dedication, along with the food (which speaks for itself) is a great dinner experience."

[Are these both plants? So hard to tell sometimes. I've been at least five times and had wildly different experiences on each visit.]


Welcome back jginsh -- it's been a minute. They hit up Al's Diner for brunch:

"Best pancakes I have had in Shanghai. Fluffy, light, no baking soda-ey taste. Had the blueberry and ricotta, both ingredients fresh and the sauce wasn't over the sweet. Tasted like blueberry's not syrup. Also, have tried the chicken fried steak, monte cristo sandwich and a standard eggs and sausage patty breakfast. Nothing over CNY 85 and none of them have any peers in that price range. If you want anything close in terms of quality of ingredients then you are having the quasi-buffet at the Puli or Waldorf."


And finally, our winner this week: indianGluttony. He checked out that Baobao spot we wrote about a few weeks ago. His whole review is worth reading, but let's just skip to the conclusion:

"So, should you take the metro to BaoBao when you can walk to Babi or Family Mart to get your bao on? If you have the time and a few extra kuai, YES. The freshness, the ambiance and the multi-various options make it a worthy experience."


Congrats, sir. You're our lucky winner this week. Remember -- we do this every week. If you ate or drank somewhere, tell us about your experience and you could win 500rmb in Sherpa's delivery.



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