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New Blog: Artisan Foods

By Sep 20, 2011 Dining
If you've ever walked into a Shanghai wet market and found yourself bewildered, not knowing how to prepare half of the stuff that's for sale, Artisan Foods can help.

This new blog is a side project by a Shanghai-based couple from the US. While they now work in interior design and real estate, both have spent a considerable portion of their lives in the restaurant industry, too. And judging from the content on the site, it shows. They've been making great use of their local wet market, and failing that, presumably The Avocado Lady. It looks the site has only been live since August and they've already posted recipes for everything from "lion's head" meatballs to blue cheese burgers with crispy leeks. And it all looks really, really good.

So, if you're in the kitchen doldrums check it out. Here's the link again.


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