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"If you want real Italian food and quality, this is obviously not where you should go."

By Jun 21, 2016 Dining
What a time to be alive, Shanghai! Did you know that now you can write restaurant reviews right from our new Android app? Fact. Just go to the venue page and hit "review". We got some nice words over the last few weeks -- let's see what our users are saying and give away 500rmb in Sherpa's delivery vouchers.


"That first course cost us 250 kuai, albeit meant for 2, the steaks 360 each. They were almost the most expensive things on the menu and I don't begrudge the pricing a bit, (I am biased, my hands still bear the scars of picking the grapes for the 1988 Krug Clos de Mesnil), its not cheap, nor should it be. Anyone who has worked in the industry knows how hard it is to get these things right, the very least we can do was pen a few hundred words in thanks." -- No ratio Nelson on Franck.

"Coffeeshop feel with good Wifi and a decent amount of seating, Lizzy's is a prime place to hangout and grab a healthy beverage. -- jmacandcheese on Lizzy's All Natural

"Though the technology mall looks like something out of a Stanley Kubrick movie, the service I received was excellent." -- zpeatsbond on Mac Doctor

" Great place to experience Northeast Chinese cuisine. Don't expect fancy decorated space, but it would be clean and comfy there and the point of that place is not about decor but about food." -- Tatevick on Dongbei Ren

"Been here a few times over the past two weeks and love it. Had their chicken sandwich, their meatball sub, and the roast beef sandwich. All are good, but the roast beef deserves honorable mention... it's basically why you would ever come here and def. a reason as to why I will never be a vegetarian. It's a perfect sandwich, really. -- biophlame on Madison Kitchen

"I've been fighting going to this place. It's been recommended to me, SmSh did a featured article about the opening of a new location, etc. Seemed a little kitschy and over-hyped to me....But then I went, and honestly it was very good. 2 people, 4 dishes, 300rmb bill, and we both left extremely satisfied and as proof of any good meal- we finished everything... EVERYTHING." -- alinaoganyan on Lost Heaven (Bund)

"FACT: Food is still as amazing as always. Still have a few chefs from Turkey, and you can tell. It's proper nicer. The sharing platter for two could easily support a small country for a week. All the meat was spiced and grilled well nice, and all the other faff you expect from a Turkish was spot on - Efes, apple tea, pide, various dips....all really, really yum." -- GanMa on Anadolu (Fuxing SOHO)

Finally, our winner this week, KatjaB, for her review "How to get drunk on a budget" about that classic Italian dining institution, Saizeriya.

"Ok, now you might wonder, how good a 9 Yuan Pasta or a 22 Yuan Pizza can actually taste? If you want real Italian food and quality, this is obviously not where you should go. But here are some tips: Glass of wine - order food - glass of wine with the appetizer - glass of wine with the pizza/pasta - glass of wine with the dessert. Maybe some more wine... Order spicy things (there's a peperoni on the menu indicating that a dish is spicy) - that means the food has at least some taste. Ask for tabasco. They have it where they keep the plates, etc. Order the dessert at the same time you order the main course. The cakes are frozen and need to sit on your table for 10 minutes to not be hard as a brick. Obviously, don't do this if you want ice cream for dessert. It's not like they'd wait til you finished your main course to serve it."


Remember: We do this every week. If you ate or drank somewhere, tell us about it for a shot at 500rmb in Sherpa's cash.



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