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The Secret Free-Flow Beer Deal At Kaiba Tap House

Feb 18, 2016 | 12:21 Thu
Deals Tested: We kick the tires on various food, drink or miscellaneous deals so you don't have to.
May 24, 2016 Update: The weekday free-flow has ended. The weekend free-flow goes requires the purchase of a food time, plus 98rmb, and is available from 11am-3pm.

Someone told us that the Tianzifang outpost of Shanghai's original Belgian beer bar, Kaiba, has a little-known deal with four hours of free-flow Belgian beer AND a lunch for 150rmb. Sounded implausible. So we called, and after giving the runaround about their happy hour, they finally admitted that yes, they do have something like that, from 1-5pm. They weren't eager to discuss the deal, but we are -- if you don't abuse it.

So we walked up the stairs to Kaiba, high above those tourist-trap bars selling weak, expensive cocktails, and paid 148rmb for access to any appetizer on the menu -- chips and salsa, fried calamari, frites and sauce, gouda, or the colorful sounding "lollipop chicken wings" -- and most importantly, free-flow coffee, soft drinks, and cold, fresh draft beer: Vedett White, Stella, Hoegaarden, Liefmans Fruit, and La Chouffe.

For no apparent reason except the kindness of the human soul, there is also free-flow chicken noodle soup before 2pm.

And no one seems to know about this. On a recent Sunday, the place was empty except for one dude with a laptop, until 4pm when a few French guys showed up for a beer. Otherwise, just some light lounge music, one super friendly waitress, endless drinks, and the film Prometheus on mute.

On weekends, the deal runs from 10am-3.30pm and it's part of the brunch menu. Instead of an appetizer, you can choose a brunch item like a salad, some eggs, or steak, which bumps the price up to 168rmb. Value. Tianzifang Kaiba has the weekday deal and the brunch deal. Dingxi Lu's Kaiba has the brunch deal on Saturday and Sunday only, and the Kaiba on Wuding Lu doesn't have any of this (probably for good reason). This is one of the best free-flow / brunch deals in town right now, so don't ruin it for everyone by bringing your whole rubgy team. Better company would be a few chill, casually-employed friends -- or a book.


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