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A Tale of Dragons, Mongols, and Beijing Pogo-Punks

Oct 17, 2016 | 18:10 Mon
Over the weekend we had the last couple festivals of the season with Brew & Blend at M50 and JZ Festival at Expo Park (not counting the endless EDM festivals that are upcoming). I went to both and had a great time with all the family friendly activities. Say what you will about JZ's excessive commercialization but there festival is well-ran and even if you're not a bebopping skat man there was something for everyone. This year's installment of Brew & Blend fest was a mashup of weird music, art, and you guessed it, immersive experiences. All in all, fun stuff.


Before getting into it, I'd like to throw a shout-out to our main man Sun Lu down at Yuyintang. He was in a motorcycle accident last week and lost a good portion of his left side skin to road rash. Lu is one of the hardest rocking mothers in Shanghai and we hope you and your dog are back on the bike soon. Slap him on the shoulder and say "get well, get well soon, we want you to get well."

Steignyr & Psyclopus

Friday, October 21 @ Inferno

Spain-based Celtic Metal band Steignyr hits Inferno on Friday. While I wouldn't run to the halls of Valhalla and sing to Odin of their praises, Steignyr have some pretty decent aggression about them. As with most Celtic and Viking metal bands, the songs are pretty straightforward: lots of shreddage; lots of talk about ancient swords and dragons. I just wish they would hand out lyric books at the shows so we can read along. With songs like "A Dragon's Tale", it would be nice to know what the hell that dragon is up to. Also on the bill are local melodic viking-death metal outfit Psyclopus. This IRL fable will run you 160rmb at the door (w/ drink) or 120rmb pre-sale here.

Steignyr - "Celtic Land"

Street Kills Strange Animals

Saturday, October 22 @ On Stage

Saturday night, On Stage hosts one of the best, fuzzed out indie bands going with the Street Kills Strange Animals show. Breaking hearts and guitar strings since 2008, this trio play a combination of tight post punk with some electronics layered in discreetly. Fans of bands such as Bird Striking, Duck Fight Goose, and Chui Wan should enjoy this show just fine. Below is a cut from their Genjing Record 7" a couple years ago, but check their Douban for new songs. This show is 80rmb at the door and starts early at 8:30pm.

Street Kills Strange Animals - "Through"

The Muppet

Saturday, October 22 @ Yuyintang

Also on Saturday is another young Beijing rock group called Muppet. Dealing in high energy alt-rock as they do, I have a feeling The Muppet will be playing soda commercials in the near future. Until then I'd say it's okay to pogo till you puke rainbows with these fun-loving kids. Door on The Muppet show will cost you 70rmb and also starts early at 8:30pm. "It's time to play the music / It's time to light the lights / It's time to meet the Muppets on the Muppet Show tonight."

The Muppet - "Another Day" (Live @ MAO Beijing)


Sunday, October 23 @ Yuyintang

Finish off your week with the sound of SULD at Yuyintang. Playing classic Folk-Metal SULD are the real deal with members from Mongolia, Inner Mongolia, and Xinjiang. Style-wise the songs usually start with a long, three to ten minute jam session using traditional stringed instruments and deep throat singing before launching into your standard metal onslaught. Mongolian rock acts also lay down story telling narratives in their sets and I wouldn't mind a lyric book for SULD either. I wanna know what's going down on the grasslands too. This Sunday show starts at 9pm and costs 70rmb at the door.

Suld - "战旗乐队"

Let's drink to dragons, Mongols, and Beijing pogo punks.


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