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AV Okubo, Stabbing, Psyders, and OLAM

Dec 19, 2016 | 18:06 Mon
Lots of rock 'n' roll and a cup of hot Psyders this week in Shanghai. Let's kick off Christmas like Santa intended with punk rock, metal, and more. Come on, it's lovely weather -- for a Slayer ride together with you. Ring ting tingle-ing too? Giddy-yap, giddy-yap, giddy-yap.




Stabbing - Live at M60

Start off Christmas weekend with a few of the hardest metal bands in China at Inferno on Friday. Coming down from Beijing with their mixing of deathcore and progressive metal are Stabbing. On the local front you have Shanghai expat incestuous spawns of thrash Hitobashiraband. Rounding out the night is Shanghainese outfit Into the Depths. This gig is the metal show pick of the week so break out the denim cuts and balls of holly, fa la la la la, la la la la. 80rmb at the door, starts at 9:30pm.


The Psyders - "Pharoah Surf"

If straightforward rock 'n' roll is what your looking for, then Yuyintang has you covered with a local band showcase also on Friday. Shanghai surf-rock institution The Psyders will be throwing down their brand of instrumental guitar picking miracles. Then you have the three-piece band Jackanapes who are comprised of British and Aussies playing Zeppelin-inspired bangers. If you're looking for a Jackanape in their natural environment try the Tipsy Fiddler, I hear they hold court there. Last but hopefully not least is the two-piece brother duo Split Pants. You might remember Split Pants member Josh from the fun loving rock group Stegosaurus?. Expect the same mix of comedy but with a bit more folk in the music department. Remember when rock 'n' roll used to be fun? This show is 40rmb at the door and starts at 9pm. Well that's something, I haven't seen a show under 50rmb in ages. Another Festivus miracle!


OLAM - "To Cry Without a Sound"

On the soul, rock, funk, and punk front On Stage has a different brand of local showcase on Friday. Headlining are a new kid on the block OLAM who play soulful, uptempo pop. In the same musical vein, local Shanghainese math league champions turned funk band Howhy are sharing the stage. These kids are great to watch live and with band member aliases like Purple Soul Diva, Juicy Fruit Kueen, and Dr. Blowjob who could resist? Rounding out the lineup are local Shanghainese shit punk band Buzz. Not sure how Buzz fits in with the other two bands. Door fee on this show is 75rmb. Unless you are student with ID then it's 35rmb. Or if you come with another person it's 75rmb for two people. Nothing confusing about that at all.



AV Okubo - "Break Wave"

A Wuhan delight arrives in Shanghai on Saturday with post-punk band AV Okubo playing Yuyintang.

AV Okubo goes through more drummers than Spinal Tap and this tour will be a farewell for the current banger of skins. One of Maybe Mars top bands, AV Okubo started off with a harder edged punk sound before moving into a more synth-based rock style. I couldn't think of a better show for Christmas Eve. Let's say goodbye to AV Okubo's drummer girl together for 100rmb at the door with doors opening at 9pm.

I love Christmas in Shanghai and with the impending Friday -> Sunday, three nights of celebrations this year is going to be a rowdy one. Stop by and say hi!


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