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Guitar Wolf, Duck Fight Goose vs DOC, Prague Hardcore, and NOODOO

By Aug 9, 2016 Music


A couple epic of shows are on the horizon this week in Shanghai. Friday night has Japanese legends Guitar Wolf at QSW and across town the D-Force Records showcase of Duck Fight Goose & DOC is at Mao Livehouse. Why, oh why, are both of these shows on the same night?

The gods must be crazy!



Wednesday, August 10 @ Yuyintang

Hot Pot Music is back in town bringing through another melodic hardcore act. On Wednesday, Prague outfit SkyWalker hits the Yuyintang stage with all the thunder of that East Bloc rock coupled with the sweet emo melodic side we've all come to love or tolerate. Man, that formula of hardcore for a minute, then thirty seconds of smooth crooning, then back to hardcore has really taken China by storm. Personally, I could use a little less whining about how the world doesn't get your black nail polish, but -- Hey! -- that's just me. SkyWalker are currently touring Japan and China before heading back to play shows at the Czech Republic beer towns of "Budweis" and "Pilsen" in early October. How cool is that? The door fee is 100rmb and show starts at 8:30pm.

SkyWalker - "Karate Tiger"


Thursday, August 11 @ OnStage

Thursday night is for twee pop and On Stage has a super cute show lined up in the form of NOODOO. This indie duo met up a couple years ago and having been making music together ever since. Originally a guitar based group, they've recently expanded out into using samples and synths, which is just the way that goes. Representing Shanghai's growing local scene, NOODOO will most likely have On Stage filled with their school friends. This one should make everyone feel warm and fuzzy inside. Things get going at 9pm it's free.


Guitar Wolf

Friday, August 12 @ QSW

Holy shit, Guitar Wolf is actually coming to Shanghai and it's this Friday! For 25 years Guitar Wolf has been the hardest of the hard, the coolest of the cool, and simply put the best garage rock band in the world. I'm really surprised they were able to get a performance visa for this concert. China has a long history of keeping out rowdy Japanese rockers but I guess the Vice overlords have their secrets. Vice, who did you sell out to get this booking through? The madness starts at 8pm on Friday and you can purchase the 150rmb here. Not a bad deal. JET GENERATION.

Guitar Wolf - "Inazuma"

Duck Fight Goose & DOC

Friday, August 12 @ MAO

Douban's record label D-Force is sizing up to be a great addition to China's small but growing independent music market. Friday, they have a showcase night featuring two of their best acts: Shanghai's Duck Fight Goose and Dalian's DOC -- both have albums dropping this month from D-Force and from what I've heard so far, it's some game-changing material. Duck Fight Goose's new stuff is next level and bonkers while DOC is throwing down a slightly more traditional post punk style that is none the less solid as a rock. If your curious about the best new music coming from the Mainland, then this show is for you. They also promise a pretty intense visual presentation so look out for that PPT slideshow in the background. Starts at 9pm and is also 150rmb. Check out these sample tracks from their new albums here and lookout for the physical releases soon.

DOC - "Entropy"

Duck Fight Goose - "Indifference"

Damn that's a tough ass decision, but only you can make the call. GO JOE!!



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