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So Many Local Indie, Metal, Drone, and Folk Shows This Week

By Aug 23, 2016 Music


As we enter the tail end of August, I suggest enjoying the street side summer calm before the autumn storm of, well, Storm Festival, Concrete & Grass Festival, and JZ Festival, just to name a few. Next week the kids will be heading back to class, the English teachers will follow, and the investment bankers will pack up their Bali beach wear and put that monkey suit and tie back on and continue their quest for world domination.

This week is for locals only in the Shanghai live music world and luckily we have some damn solid offerings to enjoy. Let's see what’s the hubbub, Bub.

Griffo, TOC, Future Gaze, & Foster Parents

Friday, August 26 @ Yuyintang

Yuyintang's very directly named Indie Rock Night has become the go to staple for checking out local bands. Although the groups don't always fit together style wise, you can bet on catching at least one or two solid performances. Plus, Yuyintang is still arguably the best place to see shows in Shanghai.

This Friday's installment should go down in the history books. Out of Hangzhou you have an innovative shoegaze band that goes by the name GriffO. They have a new album you should check out on Xiami. I'm pretty much in love with the recordings. GriffO are joined by three Shanghai groups. Most notable is probably Future Gaze, who have developed into a tight dream pop outfit poised for some form of success. Then you have the band Theory Of Convergence (TOC), who play a pretty straightforward alt-rock set. Finally the line up is rounded out by a two piece instrumental act called Foster Parents, a band I'm really stoked to see in person. Here's a sample of live performances from all four bands, but I suggest checking their Douban pages (linked above) for better quality tracks. Friday's show is just 50rmb and starts at 9pm.

GriffO - Full Set

Future Gaze - "Future Wars"

Foster Parents - "The Cat Kenco"

Theory of Convergence - "Soul Searcher"

Dissilent, Into the Depth, O.V.E., & Death Teach Me Life

Friday, August 26 @ Inferno

Friday night is home to another local band showcase, but this one is of the metal variety. Fresh Blood Returns to My Heart #5 is going down at Inferno and let's be honest, they win hands down for creative show name. Featuring four Shanghai masters of evil, if you have a taste for the harder, darker, and bloody things in life then this show is for you. First up you have the technically inclined Dissilent which features a eight-string lead guitar. (The D is silent in Dissilent, just FYI.) Then you have the melodic metal stylings of Into The Depths, who don't spare on the emotions during their sets. Winner for best band logo goes to On The Verge of Extermination, which is made up of Shanghai metal veterans playing a mixed bag of thrash, nu-metal, and hardcore. Finally, you have a new band that just started up last May called Death to Teach Me Life. Representing the best in Chinese metal this show is just 50rmb and starts at 9pm. Horns Up Inferno!

On The Verge of Extermination - Live at Inferno

Dissilent - Eight String Throwdown

Chunyang Yao & Soundspade

Saturday, August 27 @ Basement6

Saturday night is for the conceptual heads of Shanghai. The kids not concerned with these outdated elements called beat or rhythm. Saturday is for the underground. The deep, deep, underground of Basement6, who are hosting composer and electronic artist Chunyang Yao.

Originally from Lijiang, Chunyang studied composition theory at the Shanghai Conservatory of Music. For these past two years she has been producing solo material heavily influenced by the Yunnan Nakhi people of which she shares family roots. Saturday's show is in celebration of her new album Shining Cracks which you can preview on Bandcamp. It's a wild ride of drones and sparse elements that will keep you challenged at every turn. This kind of music (or non-music) is best experienced live so scrap up 50rmb (which includes a drink ticket) and head down to Basement6 Saturday. Show starts early at 8pm.

Chunyang Yao - "Itchy"

Tribes of Asaph

Sunday, August 28 @ On Stage

Sunday night you can put your chill hat on for the feel good stylings of Tribes of Asaph, an evolving folk project you might have seen playing around town alongside Shanghai folk legends The Horde, or possibly at one of the KTGA markets. Here is a couple snippets of what the band has to say for themself; "Tribes of Asaph brings your mind and soul on an emotional journey through acoustic guitar-driven original compositions. Earthy, organic, mellow and intense with a hint of world music".

I will say that's pretty darn accurate description of the Tribes of Asaph experience, and they have come a long way since the early days of playing house party living rooms around town. Although, I'm not sure why this show is running a cool 100rmb at the door... Check out this early video below, but for a better idea of their current sound go check their website. Stay crunchy kids.

Tribes of Asaph - Live 2014


Remember Shanghai, fear causes hesitation, and hesitation will cause your worst fears to come true. Stay off my wave -- this week is for locals only.



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  • 4 years ago adey

    don't forget Booshkabaash is this weekend...the Bollands and Haroula Rose are both coming into town for that....great location, Shanghai Centre and its FREE!

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