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The Abridged Gig Guide: Here's Some Stuff to Rock to This Week

Nov 29, 2016 | 15:16 Tue
We’re pinch hitting the weekly gig guide for the illustrious Mr. DJ Sacco of Uptown RnB because he’s still in the States somewhere and dropped the ball BIG TIME on this. Thanks bud! He's probably at a model train museum. Seriously. So yeah. Keeping this short and sweet with just a few live music recommendations. What can I say -- don’t really go in for the inscrutable folk music / indie pop ephemeral happening at On Stage like Sacco does. I like my rock obvious, easy to consume, and unchallenging. Let’s do it.



Some Norwegian art rock-pop band called Popface is playing at Yuyintang. Joining is Hangzhou/Shanghai-based band Rubur, "one of the most promising shoegaze stars in the scene." Promising shoegaze stars? Well, then! Shoegaze music is supposed to be mildly promising and then really disappointing when you see it -- that's the genre -- so hopefully they'll be "one of the most promising shoegae bands on the scene that are atually a real disappointment live" and they'll have nailed the genre to a T. Hump day tunes at the 'tang. Go for it. 100rmb cover. Starts 9pm. Dude in the thumbnail there looks really familiar to me but I just can't place it. Click here to stream Popface off Xiami.



Japanese post rock band par excellence Toe returns to China for another night of that beautifully intricate soft-soft-soft-LOUD-LOUD-LOUD rock music. Oh, the soundscapes. Oooooh the soundscapes. It's so deep, man! Toe is a pretty huge band in post rock circles and they last time the band played Shanghai it was packed. I know because the band I was in opened for them. These Toe dudes duct taped their gear onto the actual stage, so we had to set up around all their shit. Party foul, my Japanese friends. Serious party foul. But that's neither here nor there. Toe. Big time booking via China's biggest post rock promoter New Noise. Go if you want. 260rmb at the door which gives you an inkling of how vast those soundscapes are going to get.

Hard rockers and closet Blue Men Tinnitus are at Shanghai metal church Inferno for their last show in Shanghai before pushing on with the Blue Man group tour. With like 9,000,000 years combines experience on the stage -- the drummer was in Anthrax or something -- if you're looking for a solid hard rock / metal show with some real musicianship, this is your only bet for the weekend. Seriously good band. And great sports when it comes to eating poison at the Family Mart. Plus Round Eye supports. So. IT'S OUR LOCK OF THE WEEK. 100rmb at the door. Starts 9.30pm. Check them out live right here with this YouTube clip.



Marching Church is a "Danish supergroup" -- Is such a think possible in Denmark? Is King Diamond in this? -- made up of members of Ice Age, Choirs of Young Believers, and Lower. They've been hailed as the "new standard in experimental rock". Their sophomore album was released in October to widespread acclaim, and as one journalist put it, "It’s a disco ball in a downtrodden pub that occasionally shines a light on the ashtray angst of early Iceage, while remaining focused on the wider picture." Hmmhfffph. Okay then. Remember when Ice Age played Shanghai? GAT-DAMN, those boys are cute. 80rmb cover. Starts 10pm.



Poser says "Plavent" but surely the mean "Pavement" because there's so many eligable bachelors on the line-up of Saturday night music. Split Pants, doing reverb acoustic stuff -- the fossilized remains of Stegosaurus, they are -- joined by Dantes Dailiang, a French troubadour who does indie pop in three language. All your favorites: English, French, and Chinese. Rounding it out is Canadian virtuoso March G. No entry fee. Starts 8.30pm.


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