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Too Many Moons, Spectacles of Sound, Seminal Krautrock, and More....

Oct 31, 2016 | 17:17 Mon
It's Halloween, it's Halloween, it's Halloween! Sheezus is it really still Halloween? Alright. Let's break out that pixie dust gold glitter and get back out there. As I mentioned last week S.T.D. has tonight locked down with their Soft Moon booking at Arkham. While pre-sale tickets aren't available anymore, the show is still a decent rate at 120rmb on the door. Then moving on into this week from Tuesday through Sunday Shanghai has a ton of good live music gigs. Shall we go over a few? I think we shall...


Sun Kil Moon

Tuesday, November 1 @ QSW

From the ashes of '90s alt rock band, Red House Painters was born Sun Kil Moon and they are arriving in Shanghai Tuesday night at QSW. Fronted by Mark Kozelek who is known for his deeply personal song lyrics and surly stage banter that targets mostly the audience and his fellow musicians. While playing San Francisco a couple years back he did remark, on a positive note, about being able to walk home 10 blocks and pick up a quick ten thousand dollars for the performance was better than going to “fucking China or dreary old England". Don't make me call Shanghaiist on you, Mr. Kozelek. I've always loved Sun Kil Moon songs and a little sauciness on stage never hurt anyone, so let's get down on this one. As it's a proper QSW concert the showtime is early at 8:30pm and will run you 200rmb at the door or 150rmb on pre-sale here.

Sun Kil Moon - "Carry Me Ohio"

Lydmor, The Fjords, Saint Cava, and Bror Forsgren

Wednesday, November 2 @ Yuyintang

Part-time punk, amateur erotic photographer, and founder of promotion group Spectacles of Sound is back with his annual Music By Design showcase. Last year Spectacles of Sound put together a tour with Scandinavian artists that also featured a recording session collaboration with China-based artists. That culminated in a record release that included a photo book of the tour. This year, Music By Design has two main events in Shanghai. The first being Wednesday, November 2 at Yuyintang that features Scandinavian indie rock bands. The second being Friday at Arkham which features Scandinavian hip hop. Wednesday's show is a grab-bag of styles including 25-year-old-Danish singer Lydmor. Also on the bill are Norweigan electro-rock outfit The Fjords who formed recently back in 2013. Then you have Saint Cava which consists of Copenhagen-based singer Erika Casier and producer Andreas Vasegaard throwing down R&B. Finally, rounding out the lineup is Bror Forsgren. If you're up on the Scando rock scene you might know him from bands such as Lionheart Brothers and Jaga Jazzist. All this for 80rmb? Giddy up.

Lydmor - "Electric Mistress"

The Fjords - "All In"

The Seven Mile Journey & Mutiny On The Bounty

Friday, November 4 @ MAO

Chengdu-based group New Noise who rule all things post-rock in the middle kingdom are back with a double booking in the form of The Seven Mile Journey & Mutiny On The Bounty down at Mao Livehouse on Friday night. The Seven Mile Journey are a Danish instrumental band that are on tour in support of their fifth studio album titled Emplates for Mimesis. This album is also distributed through New Noise so look out for it at the show. Also on the bill are Belgium quartet Mutiny On The Bounty who will be laying down their brand of complex math rock. Both bands are on an eight-city China tour. You can pick up 120rmb tickets and other New Noise distro swag here here or pay the 150RMB door price.

The Seven Mile Journey - "The Engram Dichotomy"

Michael Rother

Sunday, November 6 @ Mao Livehouse

Evil Incorporated aka VICE Media are bringing in legendary Krautrock pioneer Michael Rother at Mao Livehouse on Sunday. In the '60s and '70s, he was a member of bands like Neu!, Kraftwerk, and Harmonia just to name a few. You know, just some of the most influential groups of modern time that heavily affected the landscape of electronic and rock music for the next 40 years and beyond. Rother has also stayed busy over the years collaborating with countless musicians like the Mars Volta, Radiohead, Brian Eno and countless others. Hey, remember that time Michael Rother stole Dieter Moebius's sandwich and blamed it on Hans-Joachim Roedelius? Oh man, those Krautrock guys get up to some hijinks. Should be a good Sunday night gig. Things kick off at 8:30pm and the door is 200rmb with pre-sale available on SmartTicket for 150rmb.

Michael Rother - "Sterntaler (Montage Included)"

Evil is the name of the game, so let's play.


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