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We Are Shanghai Vol. 7 Comes Out on Saturday, Gotta Watch It at Specters or Inferno

Apr 10, 2020 | 14:26 Fri
Yes indeed! We Are Shanghai Vol. 7 is going ahead as planned. If you're not familiar with We Are Shanghai, it's an annual open call for music from the rogues and riff-raff that make up Shanghai's indie music scene, compiled into an album and then released digitally for freeeee. Think of it as the subculture's yearly prostate exam, or the lab results from the couch at Inferno, or the reason organizer Sishen doesn't have hair anymore. Every year sees a motley crew of talented musicians and artists coming together into an ice core sample of the previous year in music. They've organized a doozy of a livestream at Yuyintang on Saturday to celebrate the digital release of the album on bandcamp.

With The Thing™ going on, crowds aren't allowed into YYT, but you can watch the stream on big-ass screens at Specters and/or Inferno. Music from the album and artist interviews from MC DJ BO (who also hosts the podcast) and definitely zero technical issues. Guaranteed silky smooth feed all the way through. A perfect opportunity to see what new, excruciating UTIs have bubbled up since Vol. 6. If you'd like to watch it hunched over your computer screen in the comfort of your own home, you can also catch it on Yuyintang's Bilibili account. Stream starts at 8.30pm on Saturday.


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