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Singles Jams: Yamagata, Future Orients, Xinjiang Indie Rock, and Australian Shoegaze

Nov 7, 2016 | 18:02 Mon
Fire up that TanTan App because singles day is on Friday and there's no better recipe for love then throwing in a pinch of rock 'n' roll. But hey, you don't have to twist my arm for another reason to hit up Yunnan hotspot Lotus Eatery. If that many laowais eat there it's gotta be good right?


Rachael Yamagata

Wednesday, November 9 @ Mao Livehouse

Big Wednesday night booking down at Mao in the form of Rachael Yamagata. I first fell for the American singer / song writer from her work on the 2007 Bright Eyes album Cassadaga. Since then she's laid down a fair amount of TV and film soundtrack work, having her music featured in 30 Rock and getting a song on Muppets: The Green Album. The promotion group running this show is aptly named "Post Youth" AKA this concert is for the 30+ crowd. Do you own any wicker furniture? Or have a subscription to Redbook? Well, this is the show for you. Looks like pre-sale tickets have closed for this gig so those sweet songs will cost you 320rmb at the door.

Rachael Yamagata - "Worn Me Down"

Loulan Box

Thursday, November 10 @ On Stage

Straight outta Xinjiang are the swoopy-haired indie rock stylings of Loulan Box. Playing Thursday night at On Stage, these guys dabble in a bit of Brit rock with a little garage and post-punk on the side thrown in for good measure. No stranger to the festival market, Loulan Box are making their rounds around the Mainland and the quality sound system of On Stage should make for a solid show. I don't know too many bands coming out of the Xinjiang rock scene but I'd like too. Let's start with Loulan Box on Thursday and go from there. Doors open at 8:30pm and the cover is 60rmb.

Loulan Box - Promo Video

Pinball City, Lifeline, and Astral Swans

Friday, November 11 @ Inferno

If I've learned one thing about women in my 5 to 6 dates in the past 20 years, it's that the hearts of Chinese single ladies desire one thing: expat rock n' roll. You're in luck because metal bar Inferno has just the date night show booked and it's free entry! On the bill are one of my favorite local garage rock bands Pinball City. Joining them are stoner alt-rock outfit Life Line who I'm glad to start see playing shows again. Rounding out the line up are Astral Swans who I haven't got a chance to check out but promise psych-influenced riffage. That's right, not one, not two, but three bands for the price of nothing at all. Kicks off at 9pm.

Pinball City - "Drunken Boats"

Life Line - "Renminbi"

Future Orients

Saturday, November 12 @ Yuyintang

My live gig pick of the week is Saturday nights Future Orients show at Yuyintang. The Maybe Mars Records artists have just released a full-length album titled Eat or Die and are hitting the road in support. Produced by none other than PK14 front man Yang Haisong down at Beijing's Psych Kong Studios this 9 song banger is the band's first album. As we are seeing withe more and more Chinese indie acts the album has bits of noise and experimental elements that stray away from acts like Carsick Cars straight forward conventional rock sound. However, Eat or Die is still a very highly palatable and easily digested piece of rock and Saturday's show should be fun for all ages. We are talking about 80RMB at the door and a start time 9pm for this one.

Future Orients - Motto

Flyying Colours and Soft

Sunday, November 13 @ Yuyintang

Enjoy a sweet Sunday night treat in the form of shoegaze touring act Flyying Colours. Coming from the mean streets of Australia's indie rock capital, Melbourne, these guys are on a full tour of our great Mainland. Style-wise Flyying Colours put down some pretty heavy psychedelic rock with some shoegaze tang that should make local China rock fans happy. They are joined by one of my favorite Shanghai indie bands to pop up the past year called, Soft. Don't sleep on this solid show which starts early at 8:30pm and runs a 100rmb at the door.

Flyying Colours - "Wavygravy"

I should also mention Thursday's "Single Dogs Unite" local band showcase which features Dahlia Rosea, Ugly Girls, and Peng Zhuang. I may or may not be in one of those bands. Conflict of interest? I say naaahhhh.


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