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Escalating Anniversaries: Pearl Turns 5, Brawl Turns 10, Bar Rouge Turns 14!

By Nov 7, 2018 Nightlife
Five years in Shanghai nightlife is like eighteen years in the real world. By that math, The Pearl is old enough to drink, Brawl on the Bund is old enough to start planning a mid-life crisis, and Bar Rouge is eyeing that retirement timeshare in Corpus Christi! What we're saying is, anniversary parties, baby!


On Nov 16, Hongkou's little cabaret that could, The Pearl, is hosting its 5th Anniversary Party. They're throwing the kitchen sink at the stage, with Frank Bray, The Red Stars, and a bunch more performers. God bless, Pearl. They're up there in Hongkou, just doing their sexy, sexy thing. If you want in, it's 150rmb presale on SmartTicket.

On Nov 30, Hyatt on the Bund is hosting the 10th Anniversary for Brawl on the Bund. Yup! Ten years of twice-yearly white-collar boxers slugging it out at a black tie event. There's also a raffle and auction for charity organization More Than Aware. A 10-person ringside table'll cost you 25,000rmb, with four bottles of champagne. Tickets here!

Finally, Bar Rouge! The only Bund lounge that's liable to last longer than the Bund, turning 14 years young! Whoo boy. If only rooftops could speak. They had to postpone the celebration due to circumstances but the party's back on now! From Nov 16 to 24, they're revelry-ing it up in the form of five disco-themed nights. Check the event tag on the venue page for the details. We got tickets for them all right here.


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