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Anniversaries For Three Party Crews This Weekend: S.T.D., Come Correct, Popasuda

By Oct 31, 2014 Nightlife
A few of Shanghai's well-known party crews have birthdays this weekend -- hats off to them. Putting on club nights is hard work.

First up, S.T.D. turns seven years old tonight. Now, some might question their mentalities, their "vision," or their "DJ Sets" on Ableton. But they've got two venues, Arcade and Arkham, and a bigger local following than any other crew in Shanghai, so they're doing something that works. Their seven-year bash happens Friday night at Arkham. Probably gonna be a banger.

Then on Saturday at The Shelter, you've got Come Correct turning three years old. That's 156 weeks. They might act drunken, offensive, or even fight sidewalks after tequila shots. They may verbally harass customers who leave the venue early or make a bad request.

But they have been the only consistent underground hip hop night in town for the last three years -- a night where anyone can come down and play a set, breakdance, or kick some raps, as long as they come correct. They have the right to be a bit grimey. Their jam happens on Saturday night at The Shelter.

And finally, Popasuda turns three as well. That's the "Third World Community Center Jam" that Skinny Brown does every month at Dada. Basically the only place to catch a whole night of "global bass" music from places like South America and Africa that contain no English lyrics sans patois. Some might say that Skinny Brown just drops tracks recklessly with no regard for tempo consistency, but he's just on his own wave. It's a vibe you won't find anywhere else in China. That one is Saturday night at Dada.



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