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Festival Updates: MIDI, Strawberry Likely Off

Mar 27, 2015 | 15:10 Fri
Some new news coming in vis-a-vis the upcoming music festivals, namely the two biggies: MIDI and Strawberry. Or rather, a lack of news. No news is not good news here.

It's all still unofficial at this point -- and we're still holding out hope -- but we've been confirming with bands and other sources close to the organizers, and it looks like both MIDI and Strawberry will be unable to obtain the proper permits to move forward this year.

Word circling around the underground is that both festivals are definitely off for Shanghai. The Beijing situation is slightly less bleak, but organizers are still struggling to get permits.

Sensitive times. The situation could change, of course, but that's where it's at now, in case you were wondering. We'll update you when things are more above board one way or another.

Organizers close to MIDI say that MIDI Beijing may move to the Suzhou Taihu Lake location for a rock festival May 1–3. That's the same location as the MIDI Electronic Festival we mentioned last week. Also, Strawberry will likely still happen in Wuhan on April 18-19. And then there is the Spirit Tribe Gathering festival in Yunnan next weekend. More about that in this article.

MIDI will host a press conference on April 11 with more details on the situation.