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MIDI Festival: Report From The Ground

By Oct 2, 2014 Nightlife
Just a quick update here. We checked out MIDI Festival yesterday and it's really quite good. No mud. Beautiful skies and you can watch planes taking off from Pudong airport almost every minute. Not super busy, as they didn't promote that much, but still a few thousand people. Two Tiger draft beers for 20rmb. Dada selling mixed drinks for 30-40rmb. Nice sunsets uninterrupted by tall buildings. A cab from Xintiandi was 135rmb and as usual there's a ton of scalpers pushing tickets outside. Their going price is about 100rmb. Door price is 150rmb.

As for the music, it's a mixed bag and the sound is good. Static-X absolutely killed it. The Jägermeister electronic tent is banging. Thursday has Second Hand Rose, Barque of Dante, The Samans, SMZB, and Miserable Faith, and Friday has Fear Factory, Noukilla, Nova Heart, Residence A, The Fuzz, Hip Hop Hijack, and VOID (Shanghai Ultra and Chris Jobs). There's like 50-60 bands and twenty DJs each day though.

So if you're still in town you should go. You can camp and they're selling/renting tents. More info in our October music festival guide.



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