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Don't Get Scammed Renting an Apartment

Jul 24, 2013 | 14:08 Wed

Word to our homeless bredrin. Recently we've had a couple of reports from people who were scammed by fake landlords, or maybe real landlords that were just dicks. So if you're looking for a new apartment or about to start dealing with all this shit, read this SmSh page where we've catalogued some of the common landlord / property scams and how not to get bent over and ploughed when you're moving house.

In the most recent scam, a landlord was renting to a guy overseas.

The overseas guy saw a place he liked on SmSh, wired the landlord money but the key was never FedEx'ed in return. Now the landlord's disappeared and our overseas doodlebug is out of pocket four grand. If you've had any bullshit with apartments you've seen on SmSh, if you show up to view a place and the pictures you've seen online aren't real, or if you suspect someone's trying to dick you around and rob you up, report them to us here. For instance this one. Bed on the ceiling? Anti-gravity Nongfu Spring? What sort of fools do you take us for, hankjr, if that really is your name... We do our best to keep the scammers off the site, but the best thing we can all do is read these guidelines and not be dumb when it comes to renting a new place. Never rent a place you've not seen. Make sure the person you rent from has the right to rent the place for the duration of your lease, do sign a lease, don't hand over any money until you get the keys... and make sure the keys work. More than 99.9 percent of all our rentals are great and no one has any problems. May the 0.1% of landlords who think they cheat and swindle us and our readers suffer an eternity of prickly heat, bad neighbors and dog turds underfoot.