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China Throwdown: There’s Gonna be a Battle on the Bund this Weekend

Muscles! Spandex! Heavy things! These are just a few things to expect at this year’s China Throwdown. Set up at the foot of The Pearl Tower, this multi-sport festival has grown to include more than Crossfit. There'll be 11 competitions, a slew of free work-outs, games, and international guest speakers this weekend from August 26-27.


Brought to us by the Shanghai Municipal Sports Bureau with a little help from Iron Dragon Crossfit, this year’s China Throwdown will be held at that big plaza next to The Pearl Tower. In this edition, organizers made a conscious shift away from being a Crossfit focused event to include multiple fitness programs from across the city. The goal is to be educational, non-threatening, and say “Hey, sports are for everyone!”

If you’re just checking it out, or joining in on some of the games, educational talks (from veganism to physical therapy), or fitness workshops, it’s free. Though if you’re playing a game or joining a workshop, you have to register (and sign a waiver). Organizers recommend you wear sneakers and athletic gear even if you’re just going to spectate, because a game might just draw you in.

The Throwdown 'battles' will be in cross training, power lifting, and bench pressing. To participate you must be between 18 and 60 years old, and for your own safety, in decent shape. There’s a one time charge of 220rmb for unlimited challenges, which also gets you a t-shirt and a medal before the games even begin—but if you actually win there are fitness-related prizes up for grabs. Registration for these challenges has extended to the day of, and opens at 8.30am both days; events start at 10am.

You can find the full schedule here. For more info e-mail:, or WeChat: iron-dragon



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