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Shanghai F1 Is Off So You Have To Go Singapore To Watch The Vroom Sports

Mar 5, 2020 | 11:47 Thu
By far and away, by a country mile, the worst thing about this whole outbreak is that Shanghai's garishly festooned events calendar is barren. Nothing's going on. Craig David's gone. The Pixies are gone. Not a whiff of classical music to be heard in the city's many concert halls and, worst of all, worst of all, the annual vrooom nyewooo motorsportathon at the Shanghai F1 Circuit is indefinitely postponed.

Luckily, Singapore's F1 is still happening on September 18—for now— and frankly, it sounds pretty awesome. It's at night! Amazing! There're like four distinct zones with all kinds of live music and food! Wow! And there are nearly 20 package options so you can have your space car viewing experience just the way you like it! Superlative. Plus, tickets to Singapore are only like 2,000rmb if you book soon. Three-day tickets to Singapore F1 are available over on SmartTicket (single-day tickets go on sale May 13).


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