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Shanghai Starts Mandatory, Enforced Quarantine for People Coming From Four Countries

By Mar 6, 2020 Travel
If you are currently outside of China, take note: Shanghai has started mandatory 14-day quarantines for anyone coming back from South Korea, Italy, Iran or Japan. In one know case this also included a brief layover in the airport. This is not the "suggested" quarantine of your neighborhood committee but a full-on, official quarantine that you must do either at home or in a specially designated hotel. Click the jump for more.

The new rule was introduced on March 3. State media have said, “All people who have lived or traveled in coronavirus-affected countries such as South Korea, Italy, Iran and Japan in the 14 days prior to their arrival in Shanghai must undergo 14-day quarantine at home or in designated places for medical observation, city officials said at a press conference on Wednesday.”

Those countries are emerging as new coronavirus hotspots. From one source we talked to, a couple hours long layover in Japan, just changing flights in the airport, will land you in home quarantine unable to leave your apartment.

The policy is not specific on what factors decide where the quarantine will take place. According to one chef we talked to, returning from Northern Italy, he was originally destined for the hotel but was able to convince the authorities to allow him to do his time at home. From another source, we heard that there are quarantine hotels in both Changning district and Pudong district, and they would require the person staying in them to pay for the price of the accommodation and food.

There are concerns the coronavirus could come back around to China. It's happened already. So, if you're currently overseas, keep a close eye on China news to know whether you'll be eligible for the mandatory quarantine or not.



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  • 7 months ago Jennycoy85

    It took me 5 hours to get through the airport yesterday (3 hours of it were spent sat in the plane once we landed). Biggest problem was that when they did let us off there were hundreds of us being processed by a very small amount of staff. This led to pushing and shoving if large crowds,making for very close contact with people who have possibly been in high risk countries. It made me feel very vulnerable when I've gone to every length to avoid high risk. They need to rethink this process or they will undo all their hard work.

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