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The Metro Is Running Late Night Hours For New Year's Eve. Here's The Schedule.

By Dec 30, 2019 Travel
The Metro system is throwing us a bone: on Tuesday (December 31), the city will be running the extended schedule for certain lines, giving you a chance to catch a train home, if you're not out tooooooo late. According to the Metro's official page, Metro Lines 1, 2, 7, 8, 9, 10 and 13 will be operating later than usual. How late? Click the jump for the schedule.

According to this page:

Line 1

Last train towards Fujin Lu: 11.50pm (People's Square heading north, 12.19am), arrives Fujin Lu at 12.55am
Last train towards Xinzhuang: 11.50pm (People's Square heading south, 12.25am), arrives Xinzhuang at 12.54am

According to this page:

Line 2

Last train towards Guanglan Lu: 11.55pm (People's Square heading east, 12.28am), arrives at Guanglan Lu at 12.54am
Last train towards Xujing Dong: 12.00am (People's Square heading west, 12.28am), arrives at Xujing Dong at 1.01am

According to this page:

Line 7

Last train towards Huamu Lu: 11.50pm from Qihua Lu (Jing'an Temple heading to Pudong, 12.19am), arrives at Huamu Lu at 12.53am
Last train towards Qihua Lu: 11.50pm from Huamu Lu (Jing'an Temple heading north, 12.23am), arrives at Qihua Lu at 12.53am

According to this page:

Line 8

Last train towards Shendu Highway, 11.50pm (People's Square heading south, 12.20am), arrives at Shendu Highway at 12.55am
Last train towards Shiguang Lu, 11.50pm (People's Square heading north, 12.26am), arrives at Shiguang Lu at 12.56am

According to this page:

Line 9

Last train towards Yanggao Zhong Lu: 11.29pm (Xujiahui heading east, 12.05am), arrives at Yanggao Zhong Lu at 12.28am
Last train towards Songjiang Nan Zhan: 10.30pm (Xujiahui heading south, 11.19pm), arrives at Songjiang Nan Zhan at 12.14am

According to this page:

Line 10

Last train from Hongqiao Train Station, 11.50pm (Xintiandi heading east/north, 12.17am), arrives at Xin Jiangwan Zhen at 12.47am
Last train from Xin Jiangwan Zhen, 11.50pm (Xintiandi heading west, 12.20am), arrives at Hongqiao Train Station at 12.47am

According to this page:

Line 13

Last train from Huapeng Lu, 12.00am (Xintiandi heading northwest, 12.16am), arrives at Jinyun Lu at 12.51am
Last train from Jinyun Lu, 12.00am (Xintiandi heading south, 12.39am), arrives at Huapeng Lu at 12.53am


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