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We Are Alive and Still With You: SmSh on the Virus

By Jan 31, 2020 Health & Wellbeing
You may have noticed we’ve been quiet the last few days, right at the time that so much has been happening with the coronavirus outbreak. That’s intentional. SmartShanghai is not a news site, and we don’t have any new information to add to this critical public conversation; the reporting is best left to the reporters. Also, we don’t want to add to the media feeding frenzy. The constant updates that bounce around the echo chamber make us all more afraid to leave our houses and take off our masks. We believe strongly in reading a mix of local and international news to get both the official news and the official stance — Shine and China Daily provide those — along with these international news outlets for a different perspective. Besides that, you might want to keep up on what your country, or some countries, are saying in their China travel advisory. As of Friday afternoon, 31 January, the US has set its travel advisory at Level 4, or Red, the highest level, and warned against any travel to China. The US Center for Disease Control recommends against all “non-essential” travel to China. Canada also says to avoid “non-essential travel” and suggests leaving if already in China. In the UK, the Foreign and Commonwealth Office advises “against all but essential travel” to China and also suggests leaving while there are still commercial flights. If you’re still here, like millions and millions of us who call Shanghai home and won't be flying out, take the CDC’s advice and remember to thoroughly wash your hands several times a day and be aware of touching your nose, eyes or mouth. We’ll have more to say in the coming days, as we get out and around the city to see what the rest of you are doing and how you’re coping. TTYL, Shanghai.



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