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  • Sam's Club Pudong (Beicai)

    2100 Gaoke Xi Lu, near Xianan Lu

    高科西路2100号, 近下南路

    T: 2024 9925

    Sam’s Club is a high-end, paid member-only store with over 800 clubs and 50 million members worldwide, offering high-quality and high-value products selected from top brands and origins in the...

  • Sam's Club (Qingpu)

    Lane 483 Yejin Lu, near Jiasong Nan Lu

    业锦路483弄, 近嘉松南路

    T: 6975 9399

    Sam’s Club is a high-end, paid member-only store with over 800 clubs and 50 million members worldwide, offering high-quality and high-value products selected from top brands and origins in the...

  • Neon Kids Plaza

    10 Pu'an Lu, near Jinling Zhong Lu

    普安路10号, 近金陵中路

    T: 5383 6218

    Subterranean marketplace with a lot shops and stalls selling kids clothing, toys, and so on. It's comparatively clean and friendly for an underground market, and it has a playground.

  • Music Instruments Jinling Lu

    Jinling Dong Lu near Guangxi Lu

    金陵路, 近广西路


    This street has stores selling all kinds of musical instruments, mostly pianos and drums

  • Qipu Lu Clothing Market

    168 Qipu Lu, near Henan Bei Lu

    七浦路168号, 近河南北路


    Qipu Lu -- "cheap" street -- is a series of malls crammed, jammed, and stuffed full of cheap, cheap, cheap clothes, with some fakes for good measure. It's ground zero for young local shoppers, and...

  • Yu Garden

    137 Anren Jie, near Fuyou Lu

    安仁街137号, 近福佑路

    T: 6326 0830

    Tourist destination with markets selling everything from tea, antiques, Chinese seals, souvenirs and toys to everyday items and clothing. Toys, Christmas decorations and random weirdness can be...

  • Leather Market

    Penglai Lu, near Xueqian Jie

    蓬莱路, 近学前街


  • Huan Long Camera Market

    Huan Long Mall, 3/F, 360 Meiyuan Lu, near Moling Lu

    梅园路360号环龙照材城3楼, 近秣陵路

    T: 6354 9376

    This camera market is on the 3rd floor of the "Huan Long" mall, just outside the Shanghai Railway Station. The market is good for second hand cameras, repair shops.

  • Shi Liu Pu Cloth Market

    168 Dongmen Lu, near Zhongshan Dong Er Lu

    东门路168号, 近中山东二路


    Lesser known than its South Bund counterpart, Shi Liu Pu Cloth Market houses an array of tailors and seamstresses, ready to whip up commissioned clothing in a week or so. Smaller in size and a lot...

  • Datong Lu Tea Market

    598 Datong Lu, near Zhongshan Bei Lu

    大统路598号, 近中山北路


  • Xing Guang Photography Equipment Center

    288 Luban Lu, near Xietu Lu

    鲁班路288号, 近斜土路

    T: 6301 8248

    The six-story market is the place in Shanghai for all your photography needs, whether you're a novice or a pro. The first two floors are packed with shops selling big brand names, the other floors...

  • South Bund Fabric Market

    399 Lujiabang Lu, near Nancang Jie

    陆家浜路399号, 近南仓街


    The famous Shanghai "Fabric Market" is home to hundereds of tailors and seamstresses, and is the city's prime destination for bespoke clothing garments. If it can be stitched and sewn, they can do...

  • Yunzhou Curio Town

    88 Damuqiao Lu, near Xietu Lu

    大木桥路88号, 近斜土路

    T: 6403 1117

  • Hotel Equipment Corporation

    345 Aomen Lu, near Jiangning Lu

    澳门路345号, 近江宁路

    T: 6266 9988

  • Avocado Lady

    274 Wulumuqi Lu, near Wuyuan Lu

    乌鲁木齐路274号, 近五原路

    T: 6432 7381

    The Avocado Lady is not an urban myth, but to many expats is one of Shanghai's urban legends. Her store is ever gaining in size and produce, what she doesn't have she can order. Her store is...

  • Lights Market

    135 Liuying Lu, near Beibaoxing Lu

    柳营路135号, 近北宝兴路

    T: 5638 8816

  • Daning International Tea City

    1536 Gonghexin Lu, near Luochuan Lu

    共和新路1536号, 近洛川东号

    T: 6630 5888

  • Yuyuan Public Market

    1088 Yuyuan Lu, near Jiangsu Lu

    愚园路1088弄, 近江苏路


    A 1200-square-meter public market. Local food trucks, tailor shops, shoemakers and locksmith on the first floor and modern galleries on the second floor.

  • Pacific Plaza (Xuijiahui)

    41 Caoxi Bei Lu, near Hongqiao Lu

    漕溪北路41号, 近虹桥路


  • Pudong Muslim Market

    375 Yuanshen Lu, near Shangcheng Lu

    源深路375号, 近商城路

    T: -

    Much like it's more famous (and touristy) Huxi Mosque Muslim market, this one is also outside a mosque but it's much cleaner; the food looks cleaner, the environment is cleaner and you don’t have...

  • Shuang Ji Flower Market

    620 Pujian Lu, near Huanlong Lu

    浦建路620号, 近环龙路

    T: 5090 3199

    Located out in Pudong, the flower market has three sections: a potting plant section, a cut flower section and a commercial store section. The potted plant section sells small garden plants, trees,...

  • Ju Qi Antique Market

    1539 Lingshi Lu, near Nanhuayuan Lu

    灵石路1539号, 近南华苑路

    T: 6609 1620

    Big antiques market in Putuo. The two-story space is dingy, grotty and stinks of cigarette smoke, but it's packed to the brim with every kind of weird curio and dubious "relic" from the past couple...

  • Painters' Street

    2/F, 228 Wending Lu, near Yude Lu

    文定路228号2楼, 近裕德路


  • Tianshan Tea City

    520 Zhongshan Xi Lu, near Wuyi Lu

    中山西路520号, 近武夷路

    T: 6233 8699

    Tianshan is a giant multi-level complex devoted to tea. The market hosts around 150 stalls selling thousands of varieties of leaves. Walk into almost any of these shops and soon enough you'll be...

  • AP Plaza

    Inside Metro Line 2, Shanghai Science & Technology Museum, 2000 Shiji Da Dao, near Yingchun Lu

    地铁2号线上海科技馆站内, 世纪大道2000号, 近迎春路


    AP Plaza is Pudong's biggest "fake market", located underground in Metro Line 2's Science & Technology Museum station. The northern half of AP Plaza, called Xinyang, is a collection of stalls,...

  • Shanhua Wholesale Fruit Market

    1366 Caoyang Lu, near Tongchuan Lu

    曹杨路1366号, 近铜川路


  • International Pearl City

    3721 Hongmei Lu, near Yan'an Lu

    虹梅路3721号, 近延安路

    T: 6262 3851

  • Mei Chen Flower Market

    1777 Cao'an Lu, near Xinyu Lu

    曹安路1777号, 近新郁路


    A botanical market with a variety of combinations. Imported and seasonal fresh flowers located on B1/F. The first floor sells green plants and the second floor sells artificial flowers. The price...

  • Hongqiao Bird and Flower Market

    718 Hongjing Lu, near Hongsong Lu

    虹井路718号, 近红松路

    T: 5117 3882

    This market in Hongqiao sells more than an assortment of flowers and birds. They also have a hodgepodge collection of furniture, housewares and art. The price range for potted plants depends on...

  • Jiangyang Seafood Market

    1700 Taihe Lu, near Tieyang Lu

    泰和路1700号, 近铁杨路

    T: 5281 0333

    A major food market on the outskirts of town. Many of the vendors of the old Tongchuan Lu Seafood Market in Putuo moved here after it got shut down. Burdock, eggplant, jiaobai, crab, shark, all...

  • Qibao Night Market

    518 Zhongyi Lu, near Qixin Lu

    中谊路518号, 近七莘路


    Part of the city-wide (and government approved) night market economy, Qibao Night Market is run by Zhongmin Group, covering about 18,000sqm on both sides of Zhongyi Lu. The food vendors offer a...