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[Tested]: Delivered DIY Cocktails from DrinKuaidi

Hey, there’s a new app that delivers cocktail packages to your home or place of business. Yes, this life is good. We tested it out. Here’s how that whole thing went.
By Nov 30, 2016 Activities
Hey, there’s a new app called DrinKuaidi that delivers cocktail packages -- everything you need to do your own cocktails -- to your home or place of business. Yes, this life is good. Yes, this life is fine. This DrinKuaidi sounds like an important breakthrough in society's effort to end all human interaction -- something I get behind, entirely. We raised a glass to you, DrinKuaidi, and tested you out to see if you function. Here’s how that whole thing went.


DrinKuaidi is a standard alcohol delivery service -- they can bring you beer, wine, and spirits to you door if your door happens to be in the Puxi area. But on top of that, they also deliver cocktails packages -- these packages -- which are bundles of the ingredients you need to DIY your own nice drinks. SmSh went for the Moscow Mules.

So yeah, it's a very app-looking app. Design-wise, it's a bit rough around the edges, as is the website. No major problems in using it though. It functioned. Upon ordering, we received a quick conformation to our email that "You will be delivered soon."

Delivery me from the pain of this world, DrinKuaidi.

So we ordered the Moscow Mules drink package and this arrived to our office on Xiangyang Lu. In 20 minutes! Good job, DrinKuaidi.

Ingredients and directions. Nice. I didn't know how to make a Moscow Mule before.

Didn't really need them, but we opted to get the shaker (75rmb) and the jigger (25rmb) as well. Keepin' it classy. Yeah, they also deliver cocktail making accessories.

Our results. Yeah! A very decent Moscow Mule. For journalism's sake, we finished the whole bottle, and following the directions, we made exactly 13 drinks and used up the entire ingredients down to the last drop. No left-overs. Efficiency. Thumbs up. I love it when a plan comes together.

A few quick comparisons: In the booze apps world, DrinKuaidi is inferior in the wine selection to Bottles XO. Bottles XO is just a really snazzy and well-done app. Makes me feel like a hip and with-it person just using that thing. So snazzy! So slick! They've also got "organic" labeling and food pairing suggestions, which is nice for people who don't know much about wine and are looking for the right thing to compliment a meal. I don't really know where I'm at with just a list of wine bottles and prices. Make it easier for me. I want things in life to be easy. In terms of prices, I couldn't find any overlaps in stock to compare prices.

In the online booze delivery world, DrinKuaidi is inferior to Shanghai9, when speaking about selection and prices. Shanghai9 just stocks more stuff currently, and price-wise, Shanghai9 is also a bit cheaper -- the Grey Goose Vodka and the Brooklyn Lager in particular are cheaper.

The All Days comparison: A bottle of Absolut is 145rmb at All Days. A bottle of Absolut is 145 from DrinKuaidi.

In the end... if I was just getting a bottle of wine, beer, or hard liquor, I'd probably go the other routes for the reasons above, even though DrinKuaidi might be even faster with the delivery. That said, DrinKuaidi is a pretty great concept for these cocktail packages. Ordering everything you need to make a specific cocktail in one drinks package is a pretty alright thing. It would be great for parties. I'm thinking like you just order a round of Moscow Mules for the room, they show up at the door like magic and you look like a friggin' hero.

"Oh, I just bought everyone a round of surprise cocktails, KA-BAM, let me just shake these up."

Everyone looking at you in awe like you're some kind of cocktails Jesus.

Also, when drinks run out at a party, you can just order a cocktails package without having to worry about mixer and stuff. Also: the office. Where I do some of my best drinking. If you want to do a round of celebratory drinks for the staff, hey, here's cocktails.

So yeah, DrinKuaidi -- worth the download, I'd say. Delivery DIY cocktails ordered via your smartphone. Modern life is grand. They're operational daily from 5pm to 2am.


"Tested" is our column where we check out new goods and services. We see if they're worth you're time and money so you don't have to.



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