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Weekend In Art: Street Art, Rooftop Party, And New Show At BANK

Jul 17, 2015 | 13:02 Fri
Lots of street / less-stuffy art on around town this weekend. American graffiti writer JonOne just opened a show at MD Gallery last Saturday with some brand-new canvas works he made during his art residency. He's one of the main dudes who tagged up that former Zegna store last year. His show Staring to the Stars runs until the end of August, featuring intensely colorful abstract expressionist pieces.


There's also that rooftop party at Eight Art Hotel on the Bund on Saturday. That's definitely more of a dance party than an exhibition, but they've got street artist Dezio doing live painting. You may have seen his giant pink cat paintings around town. Note: in case of rain, this party gets moved to Sunday. Stay tuned to The Wire for updates.

Works by Dezio

And as mentioned in a previous wire post, screen-print artists Idle Beats are opening their new print shop on Friday night in the same space as Uptown Records, with a free party from 6–11pm. That looks good.

The always solid BANK Gallery's new solo show by Hito Steyerl opens this Saturday, featuring her essay films entitled THE BANK SHOW. This one addresses contemporary art’s place in the "neoliberalist thick of things." Main attraction Liquidity Inc. (2014) takes us on a ride with her subject Jacob Woods as he goes from Vietnam War Adoptee to disgraced financier to MMA fighter. Alongside Liquidity Inc. and another piece, STRIKE, translated versions of some of her theoretical texts will be available for perusal. Show runs until August 30.

Liquidity Inc. At BANK from Saturday

This week we dropped by the new YIYUAN TANG museum in the Shanghai Theatre Academy, which opens to the public on July 17. The 1000 square meter space, is nicely divvied up into a few classrooms, a meeting area, an office, a work shop, and a library, plus a VIP screening room hidden behind a bookcase that we got a look into. We also got a sneak peek at a promising installation called We Are All Connected by Light involving some wirelessly rechargeable solar lamps. Works currently on display are mostly by artists from Shanghai and Zhejiang and range from traditional ink paintings and calligraphy to cartoons and photography. And hey, supposedly that school has the most beautiful students in Shanghai.

Some wireless rechargeable lamps at the Shanghai Theatre Academy

Finally, Zheng Bo’s Weed Party opens at Leo Xu Projects this weekend and runs until August 23. Zheng’s latest project under his plants as-commentary-photo projects umbrella re–imagines party history as a fun get-together. His previous exhibits Plants Living in Shanghai and Plants Occupy Shenzhen are a good place to start for those unfamiliar with his previous work.

PLANTS! They're living in Shanghai

This is also your last chance to catch George Legrady’s Voice of Sisyphus | Slice at Chronus Art Center and Wang Huangsheng's Wang Huangsheng's FLUX at Pearl Lam. Jin Hongwei's private collection at the Shanghai Center of Photography also closes on July 22.

That's what's good this weekend. For a complete list of exhibitions, check out our list of ongoing exhibitions.


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