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Soul Turning Black? Volunteer with Stepping Stones!

Aug 22, 2017 | 18:47 Tue
Nonprofit Stepping Stones works to close the education gap between migrant and urban students in and around Shanghai. The organization is currently recruiting volunteer English teachers for their ‘Classroom Teaching Program’ this fall semester. No teaching experience is necessary, you’ll get training after signing on. More details, including how to register after the jump.


Stepping Stones has been around for over ten years, you can learn more about the organization here. In a nutshell, they connect expats and local volunteers to Shanghai’s migrant schools and community centers. They estimate volunteers reach about 4,000 students each semester, helping children pick up additional English skills, a subject their schools tend to fall short on.

The ‘Classroom Teaching Program’ runs the whole academic year, but the fall semester is from September to December. There will be volunteer opportunities seven days a week, in about 20 different schools in and around Shanghai. Volunteers will go to school sites during the week, where they'll co-teach two 45 minute lessons (class size varies, students range from 6-15 yrs). On the weekend, the program is run from community centers, where volunteers teach a mini lesson to a small group. No teaching experience is required to volunteer; everyone goes through an online orientation and one training session before heading to the classroom. Training sessions will kick off in mid-September.

To Volunteer You Must:

-Speak English confidently
-Commit to 8 weeks of teaching, 4-6 hours a week (including travel time)

If that's you and you're fired up and ready to go: register here or contact for more information.


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