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Here's Some New Restaurants, Bars, And Clubs: Drai's, Cirque Le Soir, Chipotle???

By Oct 28, 2015 Dining
Forget the past. Shanghai loves the new -- let's feed the beast!!

We've heard rumors from two sources that American quick-food chain Chipotle might enter Shanghai soon. We contacted Chipotle, who denied any immediate plans, but we'll put it out there anyway -- if you see a Chipotle in Shanghai, you heard it here first. No guarantees, though.

Bars & Clubs

Las Vegas club Drai's, who advertise themselves as "The Best Club In Las Vegas" and have Tyga, Chris Brown (fuck Chris Brown), and Future playing this Halloween weekend, have plans to open a 1000sqm club at the Cachet Boutique Hotel on Nanjing Xi Lu sometime in December 2015.

From PR Newswire: "Designed by Victor Drai himself, Drai's Noir will feature a multi-faceted experience in design, style and ambiance. Comprised of four distinct spaces, the Grand Staircase, Library, Main Living Room and Bedroom, Drai's Noir Shanghai will offer guests an experience unique to the city's thriving entertainment scene." More about all that in the article.

In other clubbing ventures from abroad, failed Bund effort Cirque Le Soir is back from the dead this weekend for something called "Post-Apocalyptic Cirque" on Devil's Night and Halloween. We spoke with someone connected with the venue, who said they're in negotiations with the landlord to revive the club.

On Fuxing Lu near Yongfu Lu, Daga Brewpub is opening a second, bigger branch where that bar Kiengir (R.I.P.) was in early November. That's a bold move, going up against Boxing Cat. Can they beat The Cat's Drake x Future playlists on Spotify? Probably not. Anyway, they'll have some pizza, tapas, and lots of beer. Saw a lot of taps when we walked by.

The Fumin Lu Quadrant

Bell Bar II is closed. Donezo. Never had the charm of the Tianzifang original, which is still running just fine. R.I.P.

Some new bar and restaurant is going in on Xinle Lu, just west of the DVD shop and the Nike X158 Store. It's called Xinle (like the street, get it?). Nice second floor patio.

Late-nite Cantonese diner Tsui Wah's Fumin Lu branch is finally re-open after a lengthy renovation.

That huge, vacant spot on Julu Lu, where Mesa & Manifesto once stood, is finally under construction. Something big is going in there...

Mall Food

Shanghai really loves malls. There's a new one just east of Xintiandi called Hubin Dao, and the food court in B2 has some unique options. For one, there's new gourmet baozi restaurant Baoism, which looks similar to Eddie Huang's Baohaus in NYC. On our visit, the shop was closed because the mall had flooding issues, but the Taoyuan Village (that Taiwanese breakfast joint) on the ground floor was open and packed. There's also plans for a Hunter Gatherer, Franck Pecol's bakery Farine (also opening in the IFC soon), Xinjiang restaurant Spice Bazaar, and several more. Currently open are some shops called Salad+ and The Panini Pro. There's also a massive flagship Starbucks on the ground floor. Speaking of that area, there's still people selling antiques in the street around Dongtai Lu.

In other mall food news, hot dog spot Dog House is now open in The Place out in Hongqiao.

Feeling So Xingfu

There's a new mixed-use development called Xingfu Li on Xingfu Lu, just west of Dada and connecting to Panyu Lu. The plaza will see Jane Siesta's Pie Society finally open on November 7. Currently, the only places open there are a Japanese BBQ restaurant and something called "Snail Tapas And Salud". Look out for more detailed news on that development soon. There's a new gay bar on Xingfu Lu as well, called Happiness 42. Finally, that weird and decent Thai restaurant with the incredibly nice soundsystem has closed, and become a hotpot restaurant. R.I.P.


Steffan Stiller has something new in the works. East-Eatery is set to soft open in the Tianzifang lane house that once held Origin by the end of this week. According to their website, the first floor will offer Taiwanese street food "elevated to a new level" at a communal table, along with noodle soups and salads. The second floor will have Chinese / Korean / Japanese fusion. Finally, the third floor will have a private dining room and lounge for mega ballers.

Also in Tianzifang, one of Shanghai's oldest dive bars, I Love Shanghai, is now open in a four-story lanehouse. We've been, and while the upper floors were still under construction, the vibe was strong and the characters were a'plenty. Lots of history with ILS, who originally opened on The Bund back in the days of Attica, then moved to Jing'an for several years.

Taoyuan Village also opened across the street from Tianzifang. Taoyuan Village -- running the upmarket breakfast game for the 2-0-1-6? Perhaps.

Got a tip on an opening or closing? Hit us up.



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