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Rest in Peace: Two More Downtown Restaurants Call It Quits

Mar 20, 2020 | 12:50 Fri
The restaurant purge of 2020 continued this week, as two more dining rooms on Nanjing Xi Lu went dark. At Taikoo Hui, it was Zizzi, an Italian chain from the UK who was hoping to follow in Pizza Marzano's footsteps. They never quite resonated. I ate there once. The corporate food might have had something to do with it. Down the street, Phipp's Steakhouse also called it quits after several years of trying to be China's "affordable" Peter Luger, the famous Brooklyn steakhouse. It was an ambitious comparison; it never stuck. But they made a damn good Philly cheese-steak that, in their last year, they sold for 58rmb including gooey plastic cheese and delivery. A chef's secret, that one, and now just a sandwich-shaped memory. Seeya later, guys.


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