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The Voice of the People: Xintiandi Plaza Restaurants, Reviewed

By Mar 4, 2019 Dining
Hey, how’s that Xintiandi Plaza going? You know, the new Shui On mall opposite k11 that has been getting a lot of attention for all of its F&B brands. We’ve been to Rye & Co but we wanted to hear the voice of the people, so last month we sent six ninjas from our team of SmartReviewers to scour the mall restaurants and report back. Here’s what they had to say.

Wisefish99 on Singaporean spot PS Café: “I'd definitely return for the laksa - this is the best I've had in Shanghai thus far.”

Heatwolves on Hunan restaurant Karaiya: “Should have just gone to Di Shui Dong.”

Eatingglace on BBQ stall Dafu Dong: “Every single bite was sinfully rich in buttered meatiness”

Sally Hsiao on dessert hotspot L’éclair de Genie: “Prettier than they taste”

Emmgant on bakery & lounge Rye & Co: “Wasn’t so special that it was worth eating in a mall”

DelfinaSH on soufflé pancake store FOMO: “Meh”

Tough crowd, those SmartReviewers! Read their full reviews and see what they have to say about other restaurants in Shanghai right here.


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  • 2 years ago shangless

    bit of a lazy review. looking forward to a smartshanghai full on shopping mall review; would like to know is this new shopping mall a trend setter? you can't buy too much stuff there; everything is for looking at and taking pictures of to share online. there is a selfie booth; a book shop cafe with an event space, a cookery studio, a designer toilet museum / exhibition, other stuff that makes it less of a 'shopping' mall and arguably more of a community centre for the hyper-individualized selfie-obsessed smartphone generation.

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