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Yongkang Lu is the New Center of the Universe

By Dec 6, 2011 Dining
Man, I turn my head away for a couple of minutes and all of a sudden, everything is happening on Yongkang Lu.

The guys behind Le Saleya are now here lock, stock and barrel with Le Café Stagiaires. In addition to their popular bakery La Boulangerie, they’ve opened another branch of their butcher shop Les Garcons Bouchers. Still no mention of any plans to enter the candlestick business just yet, but they’ve got a pizzeria coming by the name of Pizza Peppone.

Down the road a piece toward Jiashan Lu, you’ll find a new chip shop called The Sailors. They're doing a simple menu with a selection of various fish for breading and frying.

A few doors down from that, it appears that things have been going swimmingly for Jake and Elwood at Sheng Sushi. They’ve relocated to a storefront that’s easily two and half times the size of the original. And that's in less than a year. Impressive. New location right here.

Just Grapes want in on the Yongkang action too, with a new branch right here.

Not only that, Ms Jerrica Lee, owner of Craft vodka lounge will be moving in soon with a couple of new restaurant concepts. One will be yet another fish and chips joint named Catch! [emphasis hers]. The other will be called Qun, a pasta and soup restaurant with a menu she hopes to build from a collection of friend’s recipes. Expect Feburary 2012 openings for both of them.

Of, course, while we're on the subject of Yongkang Lu, I'll never pass up the opportunity to plug one of my favorite cheap and cheerful Cantonese spots, Eason. They're expanding too. They're up to three storefronts now.

Anyway, that's enough eating and drinking to keep you busy for at least a week.

Have at it.



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  • Stefan.Hensel

    Le Saleya, Butcher & Sailor Boys and Jessica Craft - just make sure my freaking Dry Cleaning is staying - I've been using this guy for 5 years now (!) - would be sad to see him being forced out for another lame ladies drink Wednesday nights free. Thank you.

  • overtherainbow_sh

    you forgot creative cooking :)

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