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"You’d be better off drinking at Perry’s and eating at Windows Scoreboard." & The 500rmb Sherpa's Winner

By Mar 14, 2016 Dining
Real G's move in silence like lasagna. -- Lil Wayne

Welcome back to the Restaurant Review Of The Week, where we bring you the hottest lines from our user reviews section and award someone 500rmb in Sherpa's delivery. Last week was all about Jing'an vs. Jing'an, Light vs. Salt, and France vs. France. Let's get into it.


Two people left reviews on Light & Salt Daily last week:

"I cannot hate on that place really, but I wouldn't see a reason to go back for their eggs. -- MariBa on Light & Salt Daily

But not everyone feels that way…

"As the Shanghai restaurant scene is continuing to thrive in the midst of a shafting restaurant boom, Light & Salt Daily hasn’t been as fortunate. Aside from the amazing location, the food and service are still a mixed bag of mediocre sucks; you’d be better off drinking at Perry’s and eating at Windows Scoreboard." -- vlowe on Light & Salt Daily


Moving on, two people left kind words for Must Grill:

"I tried the American Burger yesterday at MUST GRILL for the first time. It is simply AMAZING - juicy, a generous and tasty beef patty, quality cheese and crispy bacon - we can't really ask for more. Definitely to be tried out with friends, on a nice evenings for drinks and food." -- Nanoushkina on Must Grill

"If youre in the market for a good burger and nearly exclusive laowei crowd Mustgrill is the place to be. If you find any writing mistakes you may keep them.

Best greetz

Boneshack on Must Grill


"Overall, I recommend this place, because the atmosphere is great, service is excellent, the crêpes themselves are good and the taste authentic, despite not being my favorite type. My only recommendation would be to choose wisely ;-)" -- Joseem on La Creperie (Jing'an)


And finally, a succinct
review of La Cabane by JulC.

"A nice place to feel like in the Alps and enjoying some typical foods with cheese.
The space is cosy and the atmosphere very friendly."


And our winner this week is… Joseem, for really getting into what works and what doesn't about La Creperie. We've got 500rmb for you -- check your email. Remember, we do this every week. If you ate or drank somewhere, tell us about your experience and you could win 500rmb in Sherpa's delivery.



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