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Back to the Grind (Core): Yuyintang, Inferno, and Harley's Doing Shows Again

Feb 6, 2017 | 18:42 Mon
It's time to get back into that Shanghai groove. While Chinese New Year is not officially over until Lantern Festival on Saturday, for most of us, it's time to get back to business. (The business of the rock.) However, the live music world is a little slower to start up her gears again. This is partially due to each local districts cultural department shutting down for CNY, thus not dolling out those sweet live gig permits. This week's live music picks is a little less best of, then, and a little more this is all we got. Let's discuss.



Yuyintang re-opens with a taste of the Canadian tropics in the form of Cafe Lanai on Friday. The Montreal-based duo recently put out an EP on Hybridity Music and are touring around Asia with stops in Beijing, Xiamen, Bangkok, and Hong Kong. Check out this live electro act alongside Shanghai's own Running Blue for just 60rmb at the door. Kicks off at 9.30 pm and if I know promotion group Spectacles of Sound, they'll be starting right on time.


Also on Friday, Harley's Bar is hosting a punk jamboree with all the fixings. Coming down from Beijing we have shitrock outfit Jaruco Punk. They have a self-professed style of "combining simple rhythms and melodies to create sweet, sweet sounds of liberty". Playing alongside are recently released local punk band Dirty Fingers. We are all in heavy anticipation of the Dirty Fingers forthcoming album from Maybe Mars records. Rounding out the line-up is the return of all-girl Shanghainese punk band Old Aunties. It's Old Aunties first show since the bassist took a sabbatical. Last year they toured Brazil and came back with this music video to show for it. Old Aunties have also just recorder their first album to be released in March. All this and more for a door price of 'free'. Starts at 9.30 pm.



Saturday night Yuyintang has a solid local band showcase titled 'Fun'. The title says it all my friends. The gig is organized by power duo band Galēən, formerly called Split Pants. There humerous accoustic prog rock stylings have become the talk of the town. Tight as a drum post-rock outfit Pixel Prism are also stopping by to share their brand of instrumental cinematic songs. Last on the line-up are all-girl alt band Hunimal who are just getting their start on the scene. Saturday's Lantern Festival 'Fun' show starts at 8.30pm and is 40rmb at the door.


Also on Saturday, Inferno Bar is hosting a free rock show with Jaruco Punk, Round Eye, and Old Aunties. Wait, this line-up sound familiar? Oh yeah, it's the same as Friday's Harley's show except for Dirty Fingers being replaced with Round Eye. Okay, so for Old Aunties and Jaruco Punk just scroll up a paragraph. In Round Eye news, the band has some pretty big plans for 2017 including a mini China tour wiht legendary bassist Mike Watt, a new album on infamous punk label Sudden Death Records, and a European tour. Looks like our boys are growing up.

Brings a tear to my eye, Shanghai.

Well, that's all she wrote this week. I'll most likely be listening to Billy Joel in my basement for all these gigs but I'll be there in spirit. It's still rock 'n' roll to me.


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