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Mongolian Rockers Hanggai and A Bunch of Awesome Chinese Folk Musicians Taking the Stage This August

Jul 30, 2020 | 09:00 Thu
Two very radical concerts coming up in the middle of August for fans of Chinese folk music. On August 14-15, a veritable cornucopia of folk musicians are playing at the Shanghai Culture Square: on the bill for Till I Hear The Folk are big names like Hebei musician Xiao He and Shanghai's beloved ChaCha as well as other folk favorites including Wan Xiaoli, Little Tiger (Xiao Laohu), Zhang Weiwei and Beijing's blind poet and folk singer Zhou Yunpeng. The second day will add extra live sets from musicians outside the folk world, like Lu Chen, Mo Xi Zi Shi from the Yi ethnic group in Sichuan province and experimental hip hop artist Jfever.

Then on August 17, superlative Inner Mongolian folk slash punk rockers Hanggai are taking the stage at Poly Grand Theater for throat-singing, impassioned odes to the rolling grasslands and sick guitar solos. Tickets to both shows available over on SmartTicket.


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