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Singapore Shoegaze, Guangdong Folk, and Local Showcases

Mar 28, 2017 | 12:22 Tue
This weekend is Tomb Sweeping Holiday which means Saturday is a work day with Mondy and Tuesday off. For those not in the know, the holiday is for honoring past family members (similar to Mexico's Day of the Dead). It's... a pretty goth holiday. Not much goth music on for the next little while but plenty local rock.

Giddy up...



Cosmic Child - "Girl From Mars"

Singapore shoegaze band Cosmic Child visits Shanghai for the first time on Wednesday. Fresh faced and full of dreamscapes, the band will be playing songs off their first album which came out last year titled 'Untitled' along with cuts from the impending follow-up album on Middle Class Cigars records. From the band bio, Cosmic Child's interests include looking at their shoes and coloring. Classic shoegaze kids. The show will run you 50rmb at the door (no pre-sale) and starts at 8.30pm.


Spill Your Guts - "Full Blast"

Beijing socialite Xiao Xiao is throwing a birthday party at Harley's on Saturday. I don't know Xiao Xiao but she has assembled three of the best punk bands going in Shanghai for her shindig. You have full blast incarnate themselves Spill Your Guts bringing the pain. Shanghai's own riot girl wonders Ugly Girls will be burning down the patriarchy. Shanghainese / Brazilian shit punk outfit Dirty Fingers are back from a Beijing gig and ready to break hearts. Rounding out the lineup are Hangzhou indie act The Pillow Man. All this for the low low price of no door entry fee. Starts at 9pm and I'm guessing cake will not be served.

Pinball City - "Drunken Boats"

Also on Saturday, across town at Inferno is another solid Shanghai band showcase. Classic local punk band Loudspeaker will be bringing their brand of crusty riffs. Sharing the stage will be our old friends Pinball City who play a hardened garage rock set. Then you have a couple newer bands supporting in the form of Front Page Crime and Rebellion. Both bands will be coming from punk rock roots and hopefully bring those sleeping aides and razor blades. This show is free and starts at 9 pm.

Monday, April 3

Wutiaoren - "Ten Years"
Guangdong folk band Wutiaoren are playing a special holiday show at Yuyintang next Monday. Over the past few years, the band has etched out a place in the hearts of China's large folk audience. They are currently touring in support of their latest album titled Dreamy Lisa Salon. While they started out as a two-piece act the current lineup includes a full band which includes an accordion player. Door charge is 100rmb on this one and the show starts at 9pm.

Let's pour out a Reeb beer to the fallen and pray rock 'n' roll never dies.


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