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Whole Lotta Seoul at YYT; Plus ShangHorror Fest at Inferno

Feb 20, 2017 | 15:20 Mon
Into valley of death and through the jaws of Beelzebub we go with an unholy week of rock 'n' roll. Little bit light out there in the Shanghai live music world this week. Don't get me wrong Japanese Beatles, we all know you got the goods. But let's see what else is on too.


Manu Pocket - "Outside Earth"

Friday night Yuyintang has an evening of soulful intrigue in the form of Korean indie pop band Manju Pocket. Alright, maybe the other 3/4th of the line-up is a little less soulful and a little more like stepping on a rusty nail in a rain storm. We have the brothers wonder Galean returning with their weekly brand of accousticide. Then on the goth tip our favorite black eyeliner princes Dahlia Rosea will lay down the emo darkness. Coming from the rear are heartthrob outfit Limousine. Watch your girfriends around those guys. The show starts early at 8:30pm and will run you 40rmb at the door.

The Machinery of Other Skeletons - "Hatred for Man"

Saturday night, we have another stop on Shanghai's non-stop train ride of amazing pun named shows with Inferno Bar's ShangHorrorFest. Everything starts off with an early screening of adorable rom-com Rosemary's Baby before leading into a night of mayhem. Under the groove metal moniker you have the bands Hitobashira and The Machinery of Other Skeletons. They'll always be TMOOS to me. Then you have Playful Warrior records artist ThyBlood keeping those chords tight. Finally, a little metalcore from Crying Scarecrow, who I haven't got a chance to checkout yet. But I've been watching a lot of that new show Emerald City so I'm hoping their set is similar in theme. All this and more for the price of nothing RMB. Movie starts at 8pm with bands to follow.


Only Real - "Pass the Pain"

Hmmm here is something. West London bubble gum rapper Niall Galvin aka Only Real is in town playing Yuyintang. Growing up being trained in piano and Spanish guitar Galvin started busting the rhymes at the tender age of 14 (which was not that long ago). With influences from Brian Wilson to Andre 3000 expect an upbeat set. I'm talking about humorous party jams for the people. This lo-fi bangers and mash session will run you 120rmb at the door and it kicks off at 9pm.

Cannon to right of them,
Cannon to left of them,
Cannon in front of them,
When can their glory fade?
Only, Only Real knows.


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