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[Weekly Live Music Guide]

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Upcoming: Spectacle of Sound; Ladyfest 2017

By Mar 7, 2017 Music


Too many shows. Too many shows. Too many shows. Too many shows. A serial amount of live gigs around town this week. I'm going to try to whittle this down to a lean and mean top four list. Let's check out some of the best live acts from across the globe and here at home.



on Wed Mar 8 2017

Sequoian Aequison

YYT - 851 Kaixuan Lu, by Yan'an Xi Lu (Entrance ...

Sequoian Aequison is a four piece instrumental band out of Saint Petersburg, Russia playing Wednesday at Yuyintang. Formed in 2012 and fronted by Andrey Balitskiy, the boys lay down a darker bleak version of post-rock that could only come from Mother Russia herself. The show starts at 9pm and will run you 80rmb at the door.


on Fri Mar 10 2017

Spectacles of Sound Festivus

On Stage - A2, Lane 570, Huaihai Xi Lu, near Hongqiao...

The highly anticipated Spectacles of Sound Festivus, which in reality is just a one-off show with four acts of varied styles arrives at On Stage on Friday. While having a mix-and-matched gig can be hard to pull off, this lineup has got real promise. Playing from the indie side are Montreal's own experimental pop group Braids. Representing the fashionable Ghostly International Records is a beat maker named Shigeto. Sharing the stage is South African singer/songwriter Nonku Phiri. Then from the hometown front our favorite producer Faded Ghost will be sharing her newest cuts. Fun for the whole family at 180rmb with a kick-off time of 9pm.

SmartShanghai is the place to get pre-sale tickets. Get those right here.

on Fri Mar 10 2017

Sleepmakeswaves China Tour 2017

MAO LH - 3/F, 308 Chongqing Nan Lu, near Jianguo Zh...

Australia's Sleepmakeswaves is hot of their release for the acclaimed fourth album titled "Made Of Breath Only" and playing QSW Friday. The post-rock power house's Bandcamp page states that they “write love songs about delay pedals”. This is one of those next level soundscape acts that broaden the definition of what post-rock can be. This stuff just reeks of effort. At 120rmb pre-sale the show is a fair price considering they are on the level of acts like Tortoise and Mono. Can't stop that post-rock.


on Sat Mar 11 2017

Ladyfest Shanghai 2017

SmSh Territory - Shanghai

A little daytime treat is in store in the form of Ladyfest this Saturday. A big upgrade this year as the annual event is expanding to a robust warehouse at Suzhou Creek. For those not in the know, Ladyfest is a full day of workshops, food, talks, and performances centered around empowerment. Performing live will be a set from Shanghai's own riot grrrl band Ugly Girls. The event is free and runs from 12pm to 12am!

on Sat Mar 11 2017

Chinese Football

YYT - 851 Kaixuan Lu, by Yan'an Xi Lu (Entrance ...

One of the Mainland's best emo math rock acts going, Chinese Football have an album release party on Saturday at Yuyintang. While they hail from the middle of China (Wuhan) their sound is straight out of the Midwest, USA. Say early 2000's Omaha, Nebraska. The CD being released is called "Here Comes a New Challenger" and will be available at the show. This gig should be packed out with local kids and pretty rocking throughout. The door is 80rmb and start time is 9 pm. Giddy up...

It takes a lot to make a stew
When it comes to me and you
And him and her and the baby, too
Too many Shows, it’s true
The saying goes, it’ll spoil the broth
Honey, I think that’s not true



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