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More MDC and Tons of Local Band Showcases on Tap This Week

Jan 16, 2017 | 16:48 Mon
The air is getting colder and the taxis are getting fewer around Shanghai, that must mean one thing. To quote Alice in Chains: "Yeaaaaaah, here come the roost-ahh! Yeah! You know he ain't gonna diyyaye!" While I welcome the impending desolation of CNY another positive side effect is the increased local band showcases around town. From Limousine to The Spondees to Day Break, our live houses are chalk full of established and up-and-coming bands. I'd like to tell you about them, so here we go....



Last Friday's MDC show at Yuyintang was pure punk rock awesome. On a negative note, local act Dirty Fingers couldn't perform because two of their members had a run in with the powers that be. The situation can only be described as complete bullshit. The boys are scheduled to be released today and hopefully will get to retain their freedom (and China residence). If you missed last Friday's show or want another shot of punk rock then you have two chances this week: On Monday night MDC singer Dave Dictor will be reading from his autobiography and performing an acoustic show at Uptown Records. Tuesday you can catch the the full MDC band along with fellow Texan touring act The Elected Officials and Round Eye at Inferno bar. Starts early at 8pm and is 80rmb at the door. Gigs of the week.



Revival - "Take Off"

Big ol' locals only show representing different styles down at Yuyintang on Friday. There is the jazz plus blues act Modern Soup who throw in a trumpet and keyboard alongside sultry female vocals. On the rock front you have Shanghai veteran band The Spondees. These guys have been laying it down in town since 2008, expertly crafting one barroom hit after another. All-Chinese act Revival will be playing their brand of alternative rock 'n' roll. They kind of sound like Alice in Chains; maybe the rooster will make an appearance. You know he ain't gonna diiyaayy. Finally rounding out the bill is Shanghai-based sing-along rock out act Wheelhouse, lead by singer and guitarist Colin Bailey. Gets going at 9pm and door is 50rmb.


OVE - "Unite Me"

If you're looking for a harder edged local showcase then Inferno has you covered on Friday with the first edition of "Hell of A Time". On the lineup are death metal act Holokastrial who used to go by the name Rohzerstoerer. The name change came with a transformation into a heavier sound over the past year. Then you have On the Verge of Extermination who have been playing their brand metalcore around town since 2015. However the bands members have been playing in the Shanghai metal scene for over a decade. Rounding out the lineup is hard rock band DayBreak who play a set influenced from '80s and '90s rock. This show is free and start at 9pm.



Platanus - "Love is a Miracle"

Harley's has a new local showcase as well that is going by the name "RockManiax" on Saturday night. Where do these clubs get these wonderful taglines? Saturday's show is a smörgåsbord of locally grown bands on the indie rock tip. From the soft style of Platanus to the harder rock of Curricula Machine there will be a little something for everyone on this live gig. Hey, what's that? This show is also free! Head down to Xujiahui's best live bar for some cold drinks and hot guitar licks on Saturday night around 9pm.

Remember Shanghai, don't fear the rooster!


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