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Indeed, We Really Interviewed Kenny G

By Aug 29, 2016 Music
Shanghai, a man with pretty hair is about to ride in on a sweet cloud of sax and wash your all your troubles away. That's right kids, you don't need to wait for STORM Festival, because Kenny G is bringing the drops and breakdowns to Shanghai on September 9.

[Airhorns! Sirens! Lazers! DJ, run that track back one more time and take us to Ibiza!].

It's true. The OG is coming to town just a few days after the G20. He's playing one night only, then he's GOING HOME.

He's also a fan of Jackie Chan. We know that because we did a little Q&A with Kenny over email. Here's what he had to say to you, Shanghai.


SmSh: You've been playing in China for almost 30 years. What changes have you noticed? Are the audiences different?

KG: I have seen these amazing buildings being constructed and the skyline has changed dramatically. Very impressive! But the Chinese people have always been a great audience and that has not changed.

SmSh: What was your most memorable moment with your fans in China?

KG: I received a very warm reception when I first went to Guangzhou and it really touched my heart. And also having Jackie Chan come to one of my shows was amazing.

SmSh: Do you have a favorite area or spot in Shanghai that you enjoy when you're in town?

KG: Yes...the Bund! I love that area and going to those fantastic restaurants to eat with the great view of the other side of the river is spectacular.

SmSh: Do you get recognized on the street in China? How do people usually react?

KG: I get recognized all the time in China. People are always wanting to take a picture and I enjoy meeting all the people on the street or in restaurants. Everyone is always very kind to me.

SmSh: Will we see anymore Chinese recordings or collaborations?

KG: I hope so. I would like to do a whole CD of Chinese songs …I would love to collaborate with Chinese artists… maybe Jackie Chan and I will do a duet soon!

SmSh: A lot of businesses/tv stations/transportation services use "Going Home" as their closing song. How do you feel about that? Do you get royalties for it? (Certainly hope so.)

KG: I am flattered that my song "Going Home" is so widely listened to. But sadly there are no royalties coming to me for this. I hope that this could change since it is not so fair and brings a not so flattering light to China about copyright infringement.

SmSh: What's a typical day like for Kenny G?

KG: I practice for three hours everyday on my sax. Exercise for one hour and then I enjoy doing many things. Sometimes I will play golf. Sometimes I will just relax and I love to watch movies. I take a hot and cold bath everyday too!

SmSh: What do you focus on when you practice? Do you have a specific ritual that you follow?

KG: I work on my scales. I work on things that I will play at my concerts. But mainly I just play and I think having the horn in my mouth for 3 hours a day is a good thing. I think it is like meditation to me!

SmSh: You've got some amazing 'do. What kind of conditioner do you use?

KG: This is my secret!!!


Kenny G plays the Shanghai Oriental Art Center on Sept 9. Tickets start from 580rmb on SmartTicket.



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  • 4 years ago TSkillet

    Be honest: Morgan asked the conditioner question, didn't he?

  • 4 years ago XZPalmer


    Nope. Though I've been meaning to ask Morgan about his conditioner as well.

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