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Fete De La Musique: Report From The Ground

Jun 20, 2015 | 20:44 Sat
Update: Saturday night's celebration in Jing'an started strong, with hundreds attending, but ended early as police responded to several noise complaints. At the climax, one enraged neighbor Ayi, flanked by several uncles, climbed on stage and started to bang on the drums. The band played "Get Up, Stand Up…" in response; their last song. The volume got turned down to background music level and the crowd dwindled, though the vibe was still pleasant.


Just stopped by two of the free Fete de la Musique / World Day of Music parties in Luwan. People were getting down to some light folk and latin jams at Sinan Mansions, and there's Belgian draft beer like Delirium going for 30rmb a glass. The scene is relaxed -- good vibes. Probably about 300 people, diverse in age and more local than French. This is also happening on Sunday from 4–9.30pm, rain or shine, according to the staff. Could be a good look.

The scene at Sinan Mansions for Fete de la Musique on Saturday around 5pm

Down the street at Fuxing SOHO is more of a market affair, with people selling the usual "vintage" shiz and random items like horror masks.

Little bit of light, folky music too. One stand has Ecuadorian coffee and cheap mojitos. Did not see any beer. Some unkind dude was unfortunately selling some rare lizards, snails, and spiders. Not sure how that fits into the music theme. Overall pretty week.

There's more Fete around town too, including an outdoor party with live music and DJs Saturday night from 6pm–2am at Calypso in Jing'an, something at Contesta Rock Hair on Sunday from 5–6pm, and some Sunday night jazz from Anne Evenou at Heyday from 9pm. More info on the Fete De La Musique Shanghai website.


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