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Hey! More Shitty News: KTV Shuts Down

By Aug 20, 2013 Nightlife


This month just keeps getting better. After only four months of playing disco out of an old whore club on Huashan Lu, Klub Turbo Vision has packed it in. The cheesy disco lights are off. The fridges have been sold. There's a D-lock on the door. The main owner has packed his bag and gone to Europe to drown his sorrows in sunshine and foam parties.

This one really blows. Of all the new openings this year, KTV was trying something different with a genuinely cool space that tried to poke a little fun at Shanghai's rich heritage of working girls and atonal singing. The club was launched by DingDongDisco, who started out the year as probably the strongest promoters around. For a while there, they could have put a party on in a public toilet in Hongkou and 4000 beautiful women would have turned up.

KTV started strongly with bookings from Chez Damier, Simon Rigg from Phonica Records, London's coolest vinyl shop, Lasale from Luv Shack records out of Vienna, Mike Simonetti from NYV -- these were the coolest kids in the world, playing (rumour has it) for a fraction of their regular DJ fees because DingDongDisco had such a good rep internationally for being solid, awesome people.

So what the fuck happened? Us, I guess. We didn't go. The place pulled in a fair-weather crowd for the big shows, but the smaller nights were dead, they struggled to find a crowd on the off-nights and, despite a recent redesign that moved the DJ booth and snazzed the place up, it just proved a little too out of the way for the casual crowd.

Life sucks. No word on what will happen to the place next. Perhaps it will revert back to a dodgy whack-shack... So, small glimmer of a slight silver lining there, I suppose.


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  • On_Theledge_

    Lots of closings recently, maybe Shanghais Nightlife has reached a point where there's a large over supply of venues trying to take market share from each one another, while there just aren't enough punters to fill all these venues each Weekend.

  • Pinball Lizard

    sentiment echoed - such a shame when people make a real effort to push things in the right direction, but fail.

    still, we are building a roster of decent venues and promotional crews and we've come a LONG way in a short time

  • chrisel

    really sad news. was expecting it since a couple of weeks though. DDD had really good bookings and on the nights I was there a good atmosphere (the chez damier was a special one). two things sucked about KTV though:

    - the toilets
    - the sound system

    but it's a general problem in SH atm. Lots of new venues (arkham, new logo, KTV, the rise of lola) but not a really growing market of customers. I expect more closings and I think arkham is going to be next - sadly.

  • sifanliang

    Agree with Pinball Lizard. People who put their heart into something new and try to do something out of the too often too ordinary have to close their venues for whatever reason. Thank you smart for covering stories like this with what I feel is the right attitude. As long as we have BS That's Shanghai awards Shanghai will never be on a level with Berlin, NYC or even Taipei. If you do not smooch with some new intern from some muppet monthly magazine but spend time on thinking about what amazing record to play you loose.

  • Heatwolves

    was a cool place/concept; mike simonetti night was amazing. two problems a) they didn't reach out to other promoters and thought they could handle it themselves. love bang hollered at them about doing a night there and they said they had it under control with their own DJs they brought in from europe and problem b) no chinese promo. laowai come and go in this city so why not try to tap the market that stays? it's cool to have a [turbo] strong artistic vision but in a city like this you have to compromise sometimes unless you're independently wealthy. hoping they still book nights here.

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