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Lil' Yachty Keeping Arkham Cold Like Minnesota This March

Feb 14, 2019 | 17:03 Thu
Hot booking off the STD presses. March 8th sees Arkham hosting mumble rapper/self-professed cartoon character Lil' Yachty. Here're the basics you need to get up to speed: One Night, Minnesota. Drippy, dopey, up-pitched vocals and Saturday morning cartoon references, Lil Yachty's been described as post-ironic, serious about not being serious.

He's originally part of that Atlanta crop that includes Young Thug, Gucci Mane and 21Savage (or does it). Except via the suburbs of Mableton: his earliest musical obsession was Coldplay, he says he don't drink, he don't smoke, and he's the creative director for Nautica. He's just off the release of not one, but two albums last year (Nuthin 2 Prove and Lil Boat 2). Who says millennials have a bad work ethic. Tickets cost 380rmb on SmartTicket.


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