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Uffie Show... So What Happened With That?

By Jul 16, 2012 Nightlife
Seems like Uffie's performance at Mao Livehouse on Saturday was a serious let down. Reports reach us of a drunk Uffie standing around doing next to nothing while her DJ played records — and not very good records, either. So what happened? Well, it seems the promoters were as surprised and let down as the rest of us. This is what they say:

The whole thing was a total joke. Uffie was booked to DJ. It said in her contract that she would DJ but in fact she came with a support DJ and just handed the DJ CDs to play. When we realized she wasn't going to be DJing herself, we thought she was going to sing like she always does, with the DJ supporting her in the background. But she refused to sing. She got absolutely intoxicated and spent the whole time on stage just walking around doing nothing. We couldn't do anything about it.

When she finished I complained to her but she didn't seem to realize that she has done anything bad. So basically right after the show they left through the back door. Before she started, the place was getting busy and with good vibes. It could have been a great night but then everybody started calling friends about what was happenning and people [stopped] at the door and turned back. After that embarrasing show all the public were very disappointed and started leaving and complaining to us. It's been a complete nightmare and a total joke.

Now we are trying to put together as much evidence as we can to send to the agent and try to get something back. The only thing we can do is to apologize to everybody in Shanghai.

And this is how one disappointed punter tells it: "Uffie came out to play around midnight, she came out with some other artist. The other artist was the one who played the whole set (which was not anything like i would have expected, some remixed hip hop music, some rihanna, some daft punk as far as I can recall) not the kind of music people expected. While that was going on, the main advertised "artist" was just there drunk and drinking alcohol, moving her hands up and down and walking up and down the stage. She didn't play a single tune or sing anything. She was just there. That lasted for about 50 minutes and then they both went off the stage."

The promoter is busy compiling footage of the whole thing, along with complaints (they are already piling up on Uffie's Facebook page). He hopes to take it to her manager in the hope of some recompense. We'll see how far he gets with that and let you know if she comes back with any comment or explanation. It's like that Daft Punk snafu all over again...

UPDATE: Maybe we spoke too soon. Despite the reams of derision being poured onto Uffie on her Facebook page, the complaints we've received from disgruntled ticket holders and the show's promoter offering his sincere apologies it seems Uffie's show was not without its fans. City Weekend Shanghai have posted their review of the show, where we learn "[Uffie] didn’t let the small crowd deter her from putting on a good show ... She had great energy on stage, establishing a great rapport with her audience from the second she stepped into the spotlight. All in all, she didn’t disappoint." Umm... great.


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  • Heatwolves

    haha, i don't know why anyone would have booked her to DJ in the first place since she's not a DJ...prlly got too crunk celebrating bastille day.

  • Stewie Griffin

    why would she get fucked up for bastille day? she's not french...

  • Steffen_Wolf

    OMG - good that I forgot to recommend that show to my friends...

  • Titibo

    A total disappointment...she arrived around midnight or so, just standing nearby a DJ (who was mixing pretty bad...), just giving her cds, waving her arms in the air. The only good thing she has done is to give me vodka directly in my mouth aha (like at Zappatas)..around 1am, people starting to leave...Bye bye Uffie! I guess you wont come back soon to China!

  • buzzworthy

    It was like Playskool's "My First Dj show". Uffie had no clue how to work the mixer / system. At one point, her and her supporting DJ had to get help from the sound techs on turning up low end noise. It was like watching a car crash in slow motion with an added pack of Gauloises.

  • drunken.donuts

    Very disappointing show indeed, it's almost as if she's here on holiday and they made her go on the stage to do a set... when she left the stage without a word, I thought she went to get more vodka to get the crowd hyped up...but she left, and never returned. I wonder how many people asked for their money back~

  • riederalp

    Wikpedia says "(...) Her recent live performances have been described as Warholian".

    Maybe you all just didn't get it.

  • Unverified User

    The City Weekend Shanghai review is bogus, Uffie did disappoint completely.

  • Unverified User

    LOL nice feedback.. shanghai clubbing sucks in general.. gigs for 300-500rmb on the door or promoters and other music experts who inviting djs for 100rmb per hour.. inviting headliners which no one ever heard of.. fancy dancers are more important than quality djs and fresh music.. people prefer to focus on daft pink, squirellex, david ghetto and some other ridiculous jokes like all this childish theme parties.. and this what some people call clubbing?? lol.. cant say, there is still ppl who working hard to bring some quality music to this place but all this mess around killing real clubbing scene.. there is just couple of people here who doing this for music passion.. not for the money.. from my point of view the only option now is Clubbing Shanghai website which hopefully will bring all the real music scene together, no matter if its house, dubstep, electro, dnb or techno.. hopefully they gonna put this together properly and this website will work at some point as a real shanghai clubbing HUB for everyone here.. love u all.. peace :)

  • Unverified User

    Uffie is a good example of what shanghai is for clubbing: shit music, packed place, with people stupid enough to pay a high price just to make sure they won’t miss the event of the week: let me tell you, you missed it!!
    Oh yeah, shanghai has so many cool events! let’s get drunk on suntory beers in a bus and visit 20 bars in 4 hours! let's get a table at m….t near the elevator, in front of the toilets and pay minimum charge of 3000rmb, coz anyway, this is the place to be seen! Hopefully when we need our fix music, we have john live sessions, jz club, lola, craft, ding dong disco w/ Razor, hip hop hijack, and that’s it!
    These people and places are authentic for music lovers. The rest, you are just what I would call “supermarkclub”, the jialefu or Lawson version of what a club or a bar should be.

  • 888shanghai888

    this reads very much like a DJ Spenny yourself, drink shitloads and play crap music. And so called respectable people respect that. Oh dear Shanghai.

  • Heatwolves

    @ Xiedel you are right about those good promoters but you forgot about Sub-Culture, Antidote, Otakrew, Hit It, VOID, and Love Bang...and there's others. We held it down pretty hard at Dada when all this was going on at Mao, plus Antidote was on at Shelter with a great lineup.

    didn't realize she's not French..she's on Ed Banger so..

    anyway, people keep paying for this shit so i wouldn't expect these bookings to stop anytime soon. there were a ton of good shows on last weekend though so it's all good, still think we're pretty lucky.

    and @Jack Esquire, totally agree about this theme party bullshit. Hollywood is the worst thing to happen to Shanghai in a very long time.

  • psinology

    @ Heatwolves; you forgot Magic Garden ;)

  • Heatwolves


  • Unverified User

    nobody says it but best place for music in Shanghai is Uniqlo

  • jimmyfangyao

    and the best DJs are the ones who sell music CD on the bike at the street, one same song of your life!! still good business.....

  • arielo

    it was a ripoff. ridiculous. and City Weekend must have not been there, if that's what they wrote. Or maybe they were getting very drunk with Uffie, nothing else can explain any compliment. The venue, or promoters should reimburse all ticket buyers who spent 200-300 RMB and got nada. This kind of shit happens too often at Mao Livehouse..

  • kurtbraybrook

    Don't like don't's about time you guys as a collective amobea start boycotting shanghai's rip off drink prices anyway...why are people paying 8 and 9 USD per drink here anyway...foolish, sad thing is the drink prices have been this high since I arrived in 95' cuz all the bars opened across from hotels and took their pricing from hotel bar drink menus.....a wa've got rip off.

  • Shaboom

    On the plus side: Uffie shutting up and not attempting to mix is almost certainly preferable to her singing and trainwrecking every 3 minutes.

  • djsexypaul

    The writer has been sacked from CW and Geoff Ng has had to apologise to everyone again for another comical City Weekend Fcuk Up

  • riederalp

    Via Shanghaiist, this is from Uffie's Facebook: " For my audience who was disappointed by the performance at Mao Livehouse, let me sincerely apologize and explain : I am a singer and not a DJ, so when I was booked for a DJ set at the Mao Livehouse in Shanghai, it was clear that I was bringing along another DJ to play songs I love (and obviously not to sing as it was a DJ set booking). Its really unfortunate the public paid a high fee expecting a live and not a 3 DJs line up party. The audience should have been clearly informed on the flyers and promo that it was a DJ set with a DJ partner and not a LIVE. Again very sorry for this incident... "

  • elsy

    can't agree more with heatwolves,xiedel, jack esquire etc. however I think it's the promoters and everyone else who calls himself an insider in the music scene in this town who should care enough to bring a change. business is business and every city has this type of bullshit clubs, events etc, however here in shanghai it's worse than elsewhere.and I have been to many places... why not all get together and pull on one string so this BS will stop one day and the DJs, producer and musicians control the scene and don't have to hide in the alternative bars and clubs and can target a wider demographic?

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