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Uffie Show... So What Happened With That?

Jul 16, 2012 | 14:32 Mon
Seems like Uffie's performance at Mao Livehouse on Saturday was a serious let down. Reports reach us of a drunk Uffie standing around doing next to nothing while her DJ played records — and not very good records, either. So what happened? Well, it seems the promoters were as surprised and let down as the rest of us. This is what they say:

The whole thing was a total joke. Uffie was booked to DJ. It said in her contract that she would DJ but in fact she came with a support DJ and just handed the DJ CDs to play. When we realized she wasn't going to be DJing herself, we thought she was going to sing like she always does, with the DJ supporting her in the background. But she refused to sing. She got absolutely intoxicated and spent the whole time on stage just walking around doing nothing. We couldn't do anything about it.

When she finished I complained to her but she didn't seem to realize that she has done anything bad. So basically right after the show they left through the back door. Before she started, the place was getting busy and with good vibes. It could have been a great night but then everybody started calling friends about what was happenning and people [stopped] at the door and turned back. After that embarrasing show all the public were very disappointed and started leaving and complaining to us. It's been a complete nightmare and a total joke.

Now we are trying to put together as much evidence as we can to send to the agent and try to get something back. The only thing we can do is to apologize to everybody in Shanghai.

And this is how one disappointed punter tells it: "Uffie came out to play around midnight, she came out with some other artist. The other artist was the one who played the whole set (which was not anything like i would have expected, some remixed hip hop music, some rihanna, some daft punk as far as I can recall) not the kind of music people expected. While that was going on, the main advertised "artist" was just there drunk and drinking alcohol, moving her hands up and down and walking up and down the stage. She didn't play a single tune or sing anything. She was just there. That lasted for about 50 minutes and then they both went off the stage."

The promoter is busy compiling footage of the whole thing, along with complaints (they are already piling up on Uffie's Facebook page). He hopes to take it to her manager in the hope of some recompense. We'll see how far he gets with that and let you know if she comes back with any comment or explanation. It's like that Daft Punk snafu all over again...

UPDATE: Maybe we spoke too soon. Despite the reams of derision being poured onto Uffie on her Facebook page, the complaints we've received from disgruntled ticket holders and the show's promoter offering his sincere apologies it seems Uffie's show was not without its fans. City Weekend Shanghai have posted their review of the show, where we learn "[Uffie] didn’t let the small crowd deter her from putting on a good show ... She had great energy on stage, establishing a great rapport with her audience from the second she stepped into the spotlight. All in all, she didn’t disappoint." Umm... great.